Friday, January 02, 2015

Not Much

Hmm.  So if today was another blank page, what would have been written on it?

In many ways it was just another work day.  It was about average  for a friday, which is a little surprising, but not really since it is end of year.  I really do enjoy my work though.

Right now life is a bit challenging, if only because we are back down to one car.  You see, the red car's exhaust decided to fall apart before Christmas.  We have the parts niw, but getting them, the car, and the people in the same place at the same time and the weather cooperating is a challenge.  I'm not looking forward to Tuesday with only one car.... and Girl Scouts.
Oh well, we will burn that bridge when we get there....

Other than that, not much excitement  today.  I guess I didn't color in all the white space today, just a few pencil doodles.  That is how most days go I guess.

Enough  rambling; bed time now.

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