Monday, June 01, 2015


Seven years... can it really be 7 years ago today that my amazing Boo-boy  was born? In one ways, it seems like only yesterday, in others, it seems like more than a lifetime ago.
So, what has changed in the last 365 days or so?
He is almost done with first grade.  This means full days instead of half days.  He is reading just about on grade level, give or take.  Math continues to be a strong suit.  He has friends and likes school.
He has lost all 4 of his front teeth, within about a 2 week time span.  He is now well over 4' tall and right around 60 lb.  I can't pick him up very well any more, but he's still my snug-a-boo.
He creates all kinds of amazing stories and shares them in great detail.  He has learned how to play on the PS3 and loves Disney Infinity.  He still loves drawing and creating and he gets to do that with Infinity.
He can sit through an entire movie.  He loved Avengers Age of Ultron and didn't even get scared at the loud parts.
Over all he's still an amazing, loving, smart, funny, and overall awesome little boy and I'm so very privileged to be his mom.

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