Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I'm having a hard time with what to be thankful for today.  I know, it's election day, so I should say that I'm thankful for the right to vote, and thankful for all the hard working women and men who fought hard to get me that vote.  But, since I didn't actually vote (Gak did though, and took the boy-o), I'd feel a bit hypocritical saying that.  (It was only a very minor election.  But, still I should have made the effort, there were school board positions up for a vote and I'm not happy with some of their recent decisions...)

I could say I'm thankful for Boo having a day off from school, so that we could spend the afternoon together.  But, with the budget the way it is, we didn't do anything too exciting (except buying him a new coat since last year's is too short in the arms...).  And, quite frankly, I get lots of time with the boy-o these days so today didn't feel like anything special.  And Boo's still not dealing with the time shift well, crashing early despite our best efforts and rising at the crack of dawn.  (Which, of course leads to cranky boy who crashes early because he refuses to rest during the day even when he's a whiny, cranky piece of work who's too tired to stand in line at the store but insists he isn't tired. /sigh.)

So, maybe today I'll just be thankful for uneventful days.  Yes, that's it.  Today was more or less uneventful and not very special in the grand scheme of things.  Sure, it's quite special because we're all here and (mostly) healthy. (Gak went to bed early fighting a headache and Boo's had a cough sneaking up on us for the past few days and is sounding a bit soupy... and I'm feeling a bit gun-shy about him and a cough after December and January's adventures...)

So, on that note, I wish you peace and every day, uneventful days where you can catch your breath and relax a bit.

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