Friday, November 08, 2013


Today I think I'll be thankful for cookies. Home made cookies at that. Sure, in theory it was supposed to be a mom/son fun activity. And, mostly it was. At least Boo'll remember it that way. I'll remember it as an exercise in letting go and biting my tongue. That and making some pretty darn yummy cookies.

So, my boy-o likes to "make cookies".  So, I will admit that I used it as a bribe.  It doesn't really matter what for, but I wanted to ensure some extra good behavior today, so I bribed him with making cookies.  Double chocolate chip cookies at that.  ( Find the recipe here: )

Boo's behavior was what we wanted, so after lunch and some quiet play time it was time to make some cookies.  Yes, I will admit, I work math lessons in fractions into the deal.  I make him work for those cookies.  Partially, because it's a sneaky way to get math into him (even though he likes numbers way, way more than letters/reading right now...).  Partially, because it's about all the work I'll get out of him when it comes to making the cookies.  He runs and hides when I turn on the mixer.  He won't help measure the sticky stuff.  He likes to drive me nuts and play in the container of flour, but I think I finally convinced him to not use his fingers when doing this....  He's still very sloppy at measuring and doesn't understand the concept of holding measuring cups level.  And, when it comes to the actual work of putting cookies onto trays, he might do one or two, and then he's out the door.  Because it's too much like work.

So, more or less I make the cookies and he licks the beaters and eats the finished products.  Oh, and if icing or other decorating is involved, he'll gladly do that.

Which means that the whole thing becomes an exercise in me letting go of my control freak ways in the kitchen.  (Ask Gak, I learned very quickly that I can't be in the kitchen when he cooks... I'll just try and take over and all that does is make both of us cranky...)  And I have to just let certain things go.  And accept that I will be the one doing the lion's share of the work.  And remind myself that he's 5, with an appropriately short attention span and skill set.

But, we had fun.  We have some very delicious cookies.  And, hopefully, we've added a few more good and happy memories to the boy's memory banks, even if it might have given me a few more gray hairs.

So, I wish you all peace and fresh, home made cookies and all the lessons they can bring.

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