Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Ok, so I was tired and forgot to post something last night after my Girl Scout meeting.  So, I posted a kinda silly one on Facebook this morning.  I said I was thankful for February being cold because there are so many awesome November birthdays on my calendar that it's probably my busiest birthday month.  Yeah, I know, kinda silly, but if you can't be silly sometimes it's not worth doing.  (And hey, if February wasn't cold and didn't have Valentine's day, I might not be writing this...)

Anyhow, today I am thankful for my bread machine.  That is because today I made my second loaf for the week already.  In the past month almost I think I've bought maybe 3 loaves of bread, and two because it was "buy one, get one free" and potato bread, which is a total splurge for me.  This means that while I may have gone through 5 or 6 pounds of bread flour, whole wheat flour and even some rye flour, I have cut way back on the cost of bread for my family.  Not to mention it just plain tastes better, makes the house smell awesome and I can pronounce all the ingredients that are in it!

So, I'm thankful for my bread machine to take the effort out of making dough for bread.  You see, I still bake the bread in the oven.  The loaf is shaped better and the crust has a way better texture.  But, I load up the bread machine and let it do all the heavy lifting for me.

Again, another somewhat silly thing to be thankful for, but not really.  It's not silly to be thankful for the little luxuries that make providing food that much more fun, enjoyable, healthy and cheap.

So, I'm heading to bed before I snitch another slice (I ate way, way too much over all today and my tummy is telling me so, but.... fresh bread!).

Peace to all and may you have a small luxury that makes life that much more enjoyable.

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