Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturdays and Birthdays

(By the way, this is post number 900! I'm pretty impressed actually....)

Anyhow I woke up this morning and I realized I never posted a thankful thing for yesterday.  So, yesterday I was thankful for Saturdays.  You see, Saturdays, at least during the school year, we've got a pretty good routine going on that involves a few chores and the chance to hang out with some of the "cousins".  And yesterday, that was exactly what we needed.
It actually turned out to be quite a full day.  We went to bowling and I got to hang out with Kat while Boo played with me a bit as well as Billy and Zoe.  Then, Billy went home with his dad and the rest of us went to the diner to have some brunch and then both Kat and I had to do laundry.  By the time the laundry was done it was 2:00.  The boy and I came home for a nap until Gak came home.  Then I had to run to the store and do something about dinner.  Talk about a full day!  But it was the good kind of full.

Today, well, today I think I have to be thankful for birthdays and happy celebrations.  Today was full of them!  We had lunch with mom and then back to the house for cake and ice cream to celebrate dad's birthday early, and mine even earlier.  Then, this evening we celebrated Bethany's birthday family style.  Her birthday is tomorrow and she'll be celebrating it with a "grown up" dinner out with her parents and close adults.
I think I have to be thankful that we have Bethany to celebrate her birthday.  I thought I posted about it, but I guess in the chaos of the end of the year, I didn't. You see, Scott and Tabitha gave her up for adoption when she was born 20 years ago now.  Scott had been trying to find her for quite some time, but gave up looking last fall.  Well, last December, right before Zoe's Christmas concert actually, Beth found Scott and Tabby.  It's been quite an adventurous year everyone getting to know each other and currently Beth is living with Scott.  So, I'm very thankful that Scott and Beth have been reunited, even if there's been a very steep learning curve for everyone involved.

So, as I head off to bed, I bid you peace and both time with friends on a regular basis as well as to celebrate the good things.

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