Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Today is a small but simple thing to be thankful for. Today, I'm thankful that even as tight as things are, I am still able to occasionally brighten someone else's day with a random little gift. Even something as simple as a spool of Hello Kitty ribbon to an unsuspecting friend in NYC because they don't have JoAnn's where she is.

You see, Miss Diva Deena surprised me back at the beginning of the year with some stitch markers she made. I was very touched by the gesture since I'd only met her a few months prior and had only interacted with her on G+. But, from that brief time and seeing her wonderful knit and crochet work appear in my stream and the fun conversations we all had, she quickly became one of my "Favorite Fiberatti".
I could hear her squeal of happiness all the way down here when she got it today. And that made me smile the biggest smile I could. It wasn't much. It was something small, but I know from personal experience how much the little things mean, the random "thinking of you" things that can brighten just about any day. So, I'm thankful that I was able to bring a little sunshine on a gray November day to a friend who's been having a rough go of it.
Just like many of my G+ friends have done for me over the last 7 months.
Peace to all and may you spread a little sunshine unexpectedly in peoples' lives, and may a little of it fall on you as well.

The Diva's year has been about as bad as mine, if not worse. You see, she's been jobless longer than I have. And although she's taken a few different positions they were all horrible and didn't last. This week she started a temporary gig and has a few leads on other, more permanent things doing what she wants. She's had a really rough go of it, but thankfully she's got Mr. A by her side. And all of us in Plus Land cheering her on. Just as she's done for many of us.

Oh, and she's a huge Hello Kitty fan. I'd seen several different HK ribbons at JoAnn's all summer long, and they always made me think of Miss Diva. But, they always seemed too expensive for their yardage. Someone had posted a picture of them on G+ recently and I found out that there are no JoAnn's near her. This made me pout, The Diva needs this ribbon!

Then it went on sale. So, I snapped it up.

And being the sneaky so-and-so I can be, I had kept her address from when she sent me my markers. I didn't even tell her it was coming.

So, I'm thankful both for being able to give a little sunshine and to have received lots of sunshine myself from friends who barely even know me.

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