Friday, February 24, 2012

Tonsil Thoughts

Well, I had my doctor's appointment yesterday morning.  It went well over all.  I was reading on my nook when Dr. F walked in.  So, of course she asked me what I was reading and we launched into about a 3 minute discussion of books, reading and how so much of today's scientific theory and law was just stumbled upon by people we would see as crackpots, hacks and quacks today.  (Which makes me wonder a bit how we'll be seen in a couple of hundred years... just looking at the way technology is moving just in my lifetime...)

Anyhow, she was very happy to hear that my asthma and allergies haven't been bothering me at all.  If I need something for my springtime allergies, I'll call her and she'll send in a script.  (That's what I like about Dr. F, once she knows you and knows you understand your body and your reactions to things, she'll let you manage your own health without having to come in for every little sniffle and trust you when you tell her you need something for your allergies, or your strep came back or whatever...)

We then talked a bit about the fact that I had strep twice (well, I'm thinking that it was just once and that by missing a dose or two of antibiotics, but making them up, I didn't help things...).  I've been pretty susceptible to strep since I was a kid.  I had it 3 or 4 times in one winter the one year and was usually good for a case or two every winter through most of elementary school and into junior high.  I don't even need a tongue depressor when someone wants to take a look (actually, I tend to bite them if anyone sticks something in there...). For many years there it seems like I'd outgrown it, but now that Boo is being exposed to it more often, it seems to be coming back.  (I'm thinking I came down with it because there was a kid in his school who had it a week or so before.  Boo never got sick, but I did within the right time frame for it to have come from there...)  Boo's going to be around more and more kids and more and more strep starting in a year or so when he heads off to Kindergarten. (Gasp! *sob*)  The last thing I need is to be coming down with strep every few weeks throughout the winter.  I also have chronically inflamed tonsils and have since I was a kid.  I don't notice them, and they don't appear to be giving me any problems such as sleep apnea, but they sure as anything scare most new doctor or nurses I see. Sooo, Dr. F referred me to an ENT who now has offices in the hospital where her office is and she likes.  I have an appointment in a month.

Dr. F warned me that if they do decide that I need to have them removed that the recovery time will probably be about a week or so.  Knowing this, that will impact when I have it done, if we do go this route.  I don't mind taking a week off of work now to prevent possible weeks and weeks of missed work in the future.  And since this is something under my control, I will try and minimize the impact by scheduling this not for April, or at least the first half of April.  I really don't want to leave my teammates in a tight spot because of something I could schedule.

I'm still on the fence a bit about having it done.  I mean, it would be nice to know that my chances for getting strep will be decreased to almost nothing.  I never want to go through what I did the first few days I had it this time.  (And I'm betting my husband and son don't want me to either!)  But, I really don't know what other advantages or disadvantages there could be.  If I was suffering from sleep apnea, it would be a no-brainer.  My friend Arlene at work said that once they removed her son's (he was under the age of 10 at the time) that his snoring stopped, his allergies improved dramatically and he stopped getting sick.  those are pretty big pluses.  But, it is surgery and they'd have to put me under and I remember the last time I was put under general anesthesia, when my wisdom teeth were removed.  That was so not a happy thing for days afterwords.

So, we'll see what Dr. B says on the 22nd.  Until then I'll try and stay healthy and hope that Boo doesn't bring any more bugs home from school.

I'd best be getting some real work done, but I thought I'd share some of the mush that's floating around my head.

Peace to all and may you have great doctors and good health.

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