Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Training Partner

Yes, you're getting two posts in two days.  There may even bee a third one tomorrow if I can get my thoughts in order...
No, this isn't an ad.  At least not a sponsored one or anything, just me raving about a product that I think could be life saving, or at the very least game changing.  But, I have to share.  Last night I got something really cool in the mail that I ordered, and I love it!

Jon and Becca are runners and very adventurous folks.  A while back they got shoe Road IDs and they love them.  I saw them when they were out here over the summer and commented on how nice they were.  Mom said she liked the idea, especially for Dad.  He's not prone to wandering, but you never know, especially as the Alzheimer's gets worse.  I'm often out by myself, or just with my boy-o (who will be 4! in June...).  Sure, I've got all kinds of contacts in my phone.  Yes, I have ID in my wallet.  And yes, I usually have both of these with me...

...But what happens if I'm in a bike accident and my phone gets crunched?  Or if I'm at the beach and something happens when I'm going for a walk or a swim?  Of if I'm swimming at the gym?  Or if I'm hiking in the middle of the woods?  How will anyone know who I am, or who to contact or my insurance info or vital health information?

Well, now I have something that can (but will hopefully never have to) speak for me if I can't.

Jon and Becca gave the family Road ID gift certificates for Christmas.  Mom ordered hers and dad's a while back.  She loves hers.  She got the version that velcros to her laces.  Dad removed his and tried to throw it away.  (I have no idea if Becca convinced him to put it back on or not... I'll try and be sneaky about it next time I go over...)  I got a pretty blue wrist sport version (see the picture above, but imagine it in a nice bright blue and with my info on it...).  I'm wearing it right now. Yes, I'm in the office and my wallet is right here and my phone and I don't expect to fall over any time soon.  But honestly, it's very comfortable and very comforting.

What I really love is the fact that they have an "interactive" version where you create a web page filled with your information that first responders can get to with a serial # and pin on the back either over the phone or on the web.  This means I can keep everything up to date and not have to worry about the info laser engraved on the tag being inaccurate.  Yes, it'll cost me $10/year for the account, but if you ask me, it's well worth the price.  (The first year is free with the purchase, so that's pretty cool.)  I also picked up a shoe strap so that way if I decide to put it on my shoes instead of my wrist, I can.

These things are great looking, very high quality, made in the US and could potentially save your life.  I'm thinking that I really should order one for Boo as well.  I mean, he's a typical little boy.  He doesn't often wander far, but there is the one time that he does.  Or what if both of us get hurt on a ride or a hike?  He's also not quite 4 and doesn't exactly have my, or Gak's, phone numbers memorized.  (And we don't have a home phone any more, so he really should have both memorized...)

So, I invite everyone to go look at www.roadid.com and read some of the stories and look at their stuff. And if you don't use one of theirs, make sure you have some kind of ID on your person. (I don't know how many stories say "I had ID with me, but it was in the bag on my bike and no one looked for it...) Especially as we become healthier and more active and more prone to doing silly things like going for a bike ride at 6:00 in the morning before work on busy roads, or taking long hikes in the middle of nowhere with just your kid(s) and things like that.

Peace to all and may you never have a time when you need something to speak for you because you can't, but may you have it if you need it.

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