Wednesday, February 22, 2012

*blank stare*

I really haven't had the time to update.  It's been really quite busy around here.  At least since the weekend or so.

Let's see here.  Saturday afternoon the boys got hair cuts and then Gak went to play Warhammer while Boo and I stayed home and watched "Muppets Take Manhattan" and enjoyed the "gooey bars" I created.  (Graham cracker crumbs and oatmeal crust bottom layer, sweetened condensed milk and peanut butter on top and topped with chocolate chips, baked at 350 for about 20 minutes, let cool long enough to not burn yourself.)  Needless to say, Boo and I enjoyed ourselves and our ooey-gooey chocolate.

Sunday was an adventure day.  We went up to Cabella's after breakfast.  I managed to find a pair of jeans that fit.  Not only did they fit, but they look great and were a size smaller than I was expecting!  And even better, they were only $30.  Therefore I grabbed two pair, one light, one dark.  I also got a new fleece zip up jacket and a pair of boots.  We also snagged a new seasoning (needs help...) and a new key chain because my old beaner has a bit of a bum spring.  We then had a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel and came home.  Unfortunately, it was quite a fight to get the boy-o down for a nap even though he was soooo tired he could barely stand.  We also had to run to the grocery store and some other errands.

Monday was a really, really long day.  I started by leaving the house at 6:00 to get into the office by 6:30 so I could leave the office at 3:00 and zip home, pick up a boy and then head over to Lowes.  Then I manned a cookie booth from 4:00 until about 8:30 or so.  We did really well.  We sold 57 boxes and raised enough donations for another 20 boxes for Cookies From Home.  (If anyone is interested, we still have plenty of cookies we're trying to sell, or get donations for Cookies From Home).

Yesterday I actually managed to wake up on time and get to the pool.  Unfortunately, I celebrated Donut Day and ate a donut for breakfast instead of eating something with a lot of protein.  Therefore, I totally over ate all day.  I really should know better by now, on days I get a good workout in first thing I've got to eat a lot of protein for breakfast.  Oh well, maybe I'll get it right tomorrow....  Then after work was my regular Girl Scout meeting.  It was craft night because we've got an event Saturday.

Today was an all day school day for the boy-child because Gak had a dentist appointment this morning.  Then after Gak got off work it was run to the bank, grab some dinner and put a boy to bed.

I've been working at writing this for about an hour now because I've been distracted by "Weird Al, Behind the Music Remastered".   (Yes, I enjoy Al.  I think I can thank Ben for that... I'm pretty sure he's the one who introduced Jon to Al's music and therefore I got inundated with it...)

Anyhow, the rest of the week isn't looking any less hectic.  Tomorrow morning I will be taking Boo to school, trying to squeeze in an oil change before my doctor's appointment at 9:15 then off to work and about 2 or 3 meetings.  Friday I get to go in early and probably stay late in order to try and make up some of the time that I'll be missing tomorrow.  Saturday from 9 until 4 I'll be at a Girl Scout 100th birthday party being thrown by the service unit.  I hope it's as fun as it sounds.  I don't remember my service unit growing up doing annual events, but apparently RSU does.  *shrug* We'll see.  Then Sunday will be laundry and Gak's threatening to turn it into "cleaning day".  I really just want to do laundry and groceries and not much else before the next week begins.  We'll see how it all shakes out.

Anyhow, I'm going to wrap up this long ramble.  (Actually, it's probably not all that long... it just seems that way because I kept getting distracted by the TV...)

Peace to all and may your weeks be full, but not too full.

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