Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swimming Thoughts

I just got finished with my first swim in almost two weeks.   That isn't the amazing part.  The amazing part is what went through my head on the way to the locker room. 

I have to pass right past the hot tub to leave the pool area.  There was a young-ish, read older than twenty but not as old as me, guy sitting there, watching me pass.  What went through my head was "go ahead, ogle the cute chi... the fa... the chick."

Yep, that's right.  I thought cute before I thought fat.  I never really thought about it but despite being comfortable with who I am, I always thought that others just saw me as fat.  And yes, I may have been OK with that but it still couldn't be good for my subconscious.

And that thought just now makes me feel pretty damn good.

I'm off to the shower and work.

Peace to all and may your mind be on your side.

Oh, by the way... Love my Road ID in the pool.

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