Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are We There Yet?

AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!  I really want to start the week over again.  Really.  Well and truly.
The weekend was pretty good, even if it was long and tiring.
Then Monday struck.
I over slept.  Not by a lot mind you, but by enough that I could really get anything done that I wanted to.
I got out the door a few minutes late because I just couldn't get out of my own way getting dressed or getting breakfast and lunch together.
The weather was cold but nice.  It wasn't even really all that cold.  I started the car and then tried to put it into gear.
It wouldn't go.
Nope, the gear shift wouldn't budge.
This happened a few times last winter, but hadn't happened in about a year so I'd forgotten about it.  I figured it was cold enough that she was being cranky, so I left her running another 5 or 6 minutes and tried again.  Nope, no dice. *mutter grumble*

So, I call Bill.  He only lives a handful of blocks from me and usually heads into work at about that time.  Thankfully I caught him and Sandy when they weren't too far out and they turned around and got me.  (Of course, unbeknownst to me at that point, Sandy was not having a happy morning either.  Normally she's quite friendly and happy, but she was not in a good mood yesterday.)  Anyhow, we get to the end of the block and the light onto 309 went through 3 cycles before letting our side go.  WTH?  We make it to work with little else going wrong.

I get out and head to the front door to give Bill and Sandy a moment.  No ID badge.  Thankfully we're not the first ones at the office and Melissa lets me in.

I go upstairs  to my cube and I can't get one of my two monitors to turn on, the button is stuck.  Silly me decided Friday to go ahead and actually turn off the monitors instead of letting them go into sleep mode by themselves.

I then head back downstairs to make myself a chai latte (using Adagio's Masala Chai tea and half milk, half water).  I promptly boil the tea over in the microwave while my waffle is toasting.

By now I'm really, really, really wanting to just go home and crawl in bed and try again tomorrow.  I attempt to get some work done, but I really wasn't very successful at it until Larry comes over with, hopefully, a fix for something I've been fighting with for 2 months now.  It fixes one thing, but resolving that reveals a bunch more errors.  (Of course, all of this takes lots of time, lots of file transferring and lots of head banging against the keyboard and desk.  And I feel like I'm working half blind because I don't have my "spare" screen to drop files onto with information I'm referring back to in them.)

Gak calls around 10:30 I think.  No, the truck doesn't go into gear.  (The original plan was that if the truck warmed up and started cooperating, he and Boo would come get me, I'd drop everyone off and make an appointment with the garage for the very near future...)  Oh, and when Boo opened his door when he got up, Dragonfly fell off the door again and broke...
Snot in a bucket.

New plan; call Scott to see if he can come rescue me, Gak and Boo stop by Juniper Autoworks on the way to daycare and talk to them and see if they'll come get the car.  They're only about 3 blocks away.

So, the shop comes and gets the car around 11. Scott calls around noon to see when he should come get me.  He says he's got Randy with him and he'll look at the car.

*blink blink* Randy doesn't live in Jersey any more....
Randy doesn't currently have a job....
Randy is great with tools and machines....
*pound head on desk and try not to cry*
(We hadn't called Andy because we knew he had to work and is in the middle of moving Steph's mom to Florida which has its own drama associated with it.)

So, Scott and Randy pick me up.  Scott is having a Monday as well.  Couldn't get the bike inspected because the shop was closed.  I'm having car trouble.  His dad's bike broke down and needed a lift... Yeah... it was one of those days yesterday.

Anyhow, I go home, get set up to work and try and get some more done.  I'm marginally successful.  I never get a call from the garage.  Gak followed up around 4 and they'd started working on it.  We never got a call.  I saw them working on it when I walked past on my way to pick up Boo.  (One small plus yesterday, I got to get a nice walk in and spend some good time with Boo.)  We never got a call that evening and when Gak called it was after 5 and they'd already left.

So, this morning I overslept because I kept waking up last night.  Stupid stress.  It gets boring lecturing yourself that it is X:00 in the morning and there isn't a thing you can do about Q, R or S and to just go back to sleep.  Finally I did go back to sleep for good and then didn't wake up until 6:30.  It didn't really matter that I didn't get up at 5, since without the car I can't really make it to the gym to swim.  Oh, how I needed my swim this morning though.  Oh well, I got another walk to and from daycare in with Boo.  It was enjoyable and both of us seemed to have a good time.

So, now I am trying to work from home and not get too frustrated and cranky at the situation.  If I'd known I wouldn't have the car back this morning I probably would have bit the bullet and rented a car for today, except that Boo's car seat is in the truck.  And I need stuff out of the back for tonight.  And I'm trying really hard not to just go crawl back in bed and ignore this whole mess.

And then I feel guilty for getting so frustrated and upset because I'm not even the one who has it the worst off right now.  Randy is getting himself out of a "fun" situation and has been royally taken advantage of and is out more than I care to think about.  Steve is home from Afghanistan on emergency leave because his baby sister (16 years younger) passed away a few weeks ago.  Probably from an accidental muscle relaxant/pain med overdose.  (She'd been in a car accident a few years back and messed up her back.  She was in a lot of pain that Friday but wouldn't go to the hospital.  The couldn't wake her Saturday.)
So, yeah, a broken car is the least of my friend's problems...

I'd better try and get some real work done.
Peace to all and may your cars work and your troubles be few.

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