Thursday, December 01, 2011


Well... Tonight I thought I would be uploading some of the cute 3.5 year dragon pictures I got of Boo this evening.  Instead I am sitting in the loby of a hospital waiting for Kat, writing this on my phone.
I don't have a lot of details at the moment.  Joan finally had her gastric bypass surgery on Monday.  The las I heard from Mel on Monday evening, via facebook only but that is a different story, was that Joan had come through the surgery well.
Kat just got here...

Ok.  That first part was actually written at about 7:30 or so....

It's now 10:15 or so and I'm home.

Here's the details as I've got them.  Joan was having respiratory distress up in her room.  Apparently she'd gotten into some serious trouble, vomited and ended up aspirating some.  Her temp was elevated some.  Her chest x-ray looked well, like crap.  So, she's on a vent that's doing most of the breathing for her.  They've weaned her off the meds that were keeping her paralyzed and from fighting the vent.  She's still drugged out of her gord and on major narcotics for pain.  She's fighting the vent a bit.

Kat, Steph and I were there to see her, as well as her sister Jill and her best friend, who's name escapes me for the moment.  Anyhow, there was a lot of discussion about what to do about the kids.  None of us who were there were happy with the situation with the kids at the moment.  They're kinda staying at their house, kinda staying with the neighbor Mandy who helped cause a lot of the drama the last time Joan was in the hospital.  Anyhow, the long and the short of it is, there are some emails that Joan wrote before going into the hospital that say one thing, but there is still the power of attorney stuff that was signed several years ago that is probably still legally binding.  So, if push came to shove, and Jill backs us up on this, we could try and enforce it and it would go to a judge and it would get very messy.  Oh, yeah, and as much as the kids say they love us... they are refusing to come spend the weekend with any of us.  That is a whole other rant that I'm not going into right now, but it does have some bearing on the current situation.

So, yes, despite what I said back in July about being done and not running to her side every time... well, you just don't throw away 20 years because someone's become even more of a crackpot than she was.  You don't stop worrying and caring despite how hurt you and your friends have been in the past.  Now, mind you I'm of half a mind to kill her when she does come off the vent.  But hey, that's something else entirely.

I'll try and post more here as I know more.  I do know that she will be in the hospital several weeks at this point with how much the vent is actually breathing for her.  Hopefully after they do some fun bag suctioning tonight her numbers will improve greatly by morning.  I'm not holding my breath, but I know that it will truly help.  I just hope she's got the will to fight this and to come back and heal.  If not, I really will kill her.

So, peace to you all. I'm going to go crash in my bed and hopefully get some sleep so I can function at work tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post those adorable pictures of Boo and rant and rave a little bit about how vacation has not helped my will to get work done at work.

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