Thursday, December 08, 2011

Brain Fluff

I don't have anything profound to say tonight.  I just thought I should sit down and write something.  This has been a pretty busy and hectic week in the normal kinds of ways.

First off, no, I don't have any more info on Joan.

Work's been quite busy for the end of the year.  I seem to be getting further behind no matter how hard I work.  The last few weeks of mental fluff between the ears has caught up to me and I'm paying the price.  I just hope I can wrap up a few more important (and hopefully more simple than what I've been working on) projects tomorrow before the weekend.

I think I have a "tea problem".  I counted today, and I have 9 different teas in my desk drawer.  Two are herbals, one is a chai, one is a black tea and the other 5 are greens.  Yeah.  I got two different sets of green tea samplers for my birthday and I'm exploring.
I am quite glad that I've had so many to choose from this week though, I've been fighting off a bit of a head cold.  Nothing major, just enough snot to make me not happy.  Boo has been fighting it off as well, I think I got it from him.

Bill is evil and it's a good thing he only makes his mini shoofly pies once a year.  Enough said on that subject.
Oh, my company is evil, they give everyone a 2+ lb box of chocolates and nuts every year for Christmas.  I'd managed to forget about it until it got dropped off on my desk today.  The stupid thing called my name all afternoon even though I wasn't hungry.  I managed to ignore it, until after dinner... yeah.  Enough said about holiday treats.

Apparently Boo does not hate baths again, it was a power struggle thing.  (I'm not sure if I mentioned here or not our recent issues with bath time...)  Anyhow, he got some new jammies that he really loves and got to choose all by himself.  I told him the other night that if he fussed and made a scene during bath time, he would have to wear the jammies that I choose, which are his skeleton ones.  (I think they're adorable, Boo doesn't agree.)  But, if he didn't fuss or scream or cause trouble for his entire bath, he could choose his jammies.  Well, it's worked the last few baths.  Thanks Barb for reminding me that it could just be a power issue, not a real fear.
Now to solve the power struggle issues of eating and potty.  Good news on both fronts though, he's actually eating more of what school provides at school and he actually peed in the potty at school on Wednesday.  (Nana Laura puts him on the potty ever afternoon when she changes everyone else and makes him sit there and try.  Amazingly enough, he went for her on Wednesday.  We're trying to be more consistent about putting him on the potty frequently, hoping to catch him when he actually needs to go.  We'll see.  I just don't want this to devolve into a total power struggle.  That could get bad on many levels.

So, that's the random brain fluff update of the week.  I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday.  Hopefully I'll have one more productive day this week and then enjoy the weekend.  I should be putting the tree up this weekend, if I can actually manage to get the living room straightened up and vacuumed.  Yeah, this is me we're talking about.

Well, I'm off to play with yarn for a little bit and crash.

Peace to all and may your weeks be good.

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