Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ebeneezer vs. Bob

Today I was fiddling around looking at a few things and someone posted about how depriving herself of something makes her want it even more to the point that when she does "give in" she goes totally overboard.  This could be with food, specific shopping things or even going online to play games.  It all can lead to the same thing, a huge binge.  She vowed to treat herself to a few holiday treats and not feel guilty about it in the slightest.

Somehow I made the jump to Ebeneezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchet.  Ebeneezer can have anything and everything his heart desires and more (other than love, but that's a result, not a cause...).  Yet, he denies himself all the pleasures in this life so that he can have "more".  More what, I don't know, but more is better right?  What does he get out of this?  Nothing but misery.  He looses the love of his life, the respect and love of his family and even his business partner.  He lives a cold and miserable life because he was "good".  He worked hard and didn't spend a cent more than he had to on anything, especially his employees!

Then there's Bob Cratchet.  He has a heart of gold and even tries to see the best in his miserable boss.  He doesn't have much but what he does have he tries to enjoy to his fullest.  He may not be able to afford many nice things, but what he can afford, he treasures and truly enjoys and appreciates.  It may be something as simple as a new piece of clothing or something as truly special as a better, tastier meal for his family.
And his son, Tiny Tim, the one who really has the odds stacked against him, he truly thinks of others first.  He loves with all his heart, only the way a child can.  He loves because he can, not because he "has to" or "should" or has been told to.  No, he truly sees the positive in everything, even being sick and gets as much good out of everything as he can.

So, when we approach not only this season, but our lives we have a choice at either end of the spectrum.  Either we can be puritanical and deny ourselves the pleasures of this life in the name of "being good" and having "more".  Or, we can be as big hearted and generous and appreciate what we have, no matter how small and enjoy it.

I choose to be more like Bob than Ebeneezer.  I may not have much (in a monetary way).  I may not be able to have much when it comes to some things (sweets for example).  But, I promise you this, what I do have, I will try and enjoy every little morsel of it.  I will enjoy every last bite of the few cookies or treats I decide that are worth eating this holiday season.  I will make yummy and delicious treats for my boys because I can and they appreciate it.  I will spoil my boys and my friends and family a bit (but not too much) as my budget allows, not because I have to, but because I want to.  I want to share what I have with those that I love.  I want to see their smiles.  I want them to be happy and to show that it may not always seem that way, but I do think about them.

I had this written much more eloquently and made a much better point earlier, but my computer puked and it went away.  (I wasn't typing it in Blogger, so there was no autosave...)

So, I bid you peace and much happiness and enjoyment this holiday season and throughout the year to come.

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