Sunday, December 25, 2011


Today is a day of two holidays for me.  Not only os today Christmas, but it is also the sixth night of Hanukkah. It has been a good day, and a bitter sweet day as well.  I expected as much.

Last night we had a small gathering of family at Kat's house. Mom came up and we had dinner at my place first. It was quite yummy, even if a boy child was not being helpful.  We had an enjoyable evening with family and headed home around 10 so that I could finish wrapping and still get to bed.

Today was strange in that Gak and I both woke before Boo.  And it turns out that it was a good thing too.  I was lying there trying to ignore the world whenbI suddenly realized I forgot to wrap.three of Boo's gifts!
I managed to get everything wrapped and a little yarn time in as well before Boo woke up.  We had a good time opening presents.  And despite Boo spilling the beans Wednesday about what we got Gak, I still managed to surprise my hubby wih one of his gifts.  And he really surprised me with mine! A nook touch.  I love it.

We spen most of the morning playing around he house and then we went back over to Kat's for a few hours.  Zoe and Boo had quite a fun time together playing.

Then we headed down to Amma and PopPop's house for a few more Christmas presents and to light the Hanukkah candles.
This is where the bitter-sweet comes in.  Dad decided earlier in the day that he just couldn't follow the prayers in the book. So I got to read the prayers tonight for the first time.  That is the botter.  The sweet is that I got to help Boo light the candles for the first time too.
We had a yummy dinner and are heading back to Aunt Kat's to see Billy and Rachel.
I am off for most of this week.  Tomorow Boo and I will be joining Amma at the Y Gak can have a real day off.  (And play the video game I got him...)

So I bid you peace and joy on this holiday night.

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