Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Well.... so much for blogging over my holiday break.  Here it is, 9:30 on New Year's Eve and I haven't bothered to take the time to post about our Christmas adventures and 2010 is about to wrap up in 2.5 hours.  I did, however, get the Christmas pictures up on Flickr.  See, take a look over there ----> Yep, on the side bar.  Christmas pictures!  I know, I know, not very informative.
I really should write a longer post about all of our wonderful Christmas adventures.  Needless to say, it was a busy couple of days that included multiple trips to Kat's and a visit with my parents and lots and lots of wrapping paper.  The boy child got lots and lots and lots of things.  Some things he'll play with for quite some time to come, others will not, but it all depends on his mood.  I, personally, appreciate all of them.  It still amazes me how many people want to show how much they love my son by buying him things.

Anyhow, tonight is the last night of 2010.  I won't lie, I'll be glad to see this year end.  Maybe not in the same way as I was glad to see 2007 end, but glad none the less.
There have been lots of ups and downs and while the ups have been very high ups, the downs have been equally far down this year.  There has been no such thing as just cruising right along this year.

It started off on a fairly good note.  Boo was 19 months old and happy and everything was great.  Then, by the spring we saw our first challenges.  Yes, around February or so is when the whole drama with the old apartment started and it didn't wrap up until August or there abouts.  I'm so glad that chapter is closed forever and ever.

We had plenty of adventures of the good kind this year.  We went to Knoebles a couple of times including for Zoe's birthday, and the beach and even went camping once or twice.  We definitely had our fun this year, even if a lot of time it was on a pretty thin budget.

We had plenty of great people in our lives as well, including some new ones that we only just got to know this past year, but have become a large part of our life.  There was lots of time spent with Kat and Zoe, Andy, Scott and the newest members of our "little" clan, Steph and her two kids.  Without friends, life would be pretty poor.  Their life has been a super roller coaster and I wish them the best for the coming year.

Boo has grown so much and just exploded verbally and physically in his abilities.  He's growing by leaps and bounds with every breath.  For that I am so very thankful.  It really is amazing to think that he only turned two this June, and that it's been two years already!  There may be days when he drives me to wits end, but I remind myself that at this age, it's his job.  There was all that bath trouble that started in the spring.  (And it's still there, but at least we can usually get through a bath with no screaming... no sitting, but no screaming either.... I'll take what I can get.)  (There are too many Boo related posts for me to choose my favorites to link....)

Wok has had it's own adventures this year.  Some good, some bad, many just every day and stressful at the time.

Well, that's about all I have to say about this year.
I hope that next year is even better with the ups, and not so tough with the downs.  It looks like it'll be starting off on a good note though.  Tomorrow afternoon, the boys and I, along with my mom will be meeting up with Michelle and her aunt Eileen in Baltimore.  Michelle's been home from Canada since the 23rd and we're finally able to get together for the afternoon.  It's not much time, but it's something.  I'll take what I can get.  We've really got to try and get to Canada before she leaves in June for her next posting.  Who knows where that will be, but more than likely somewhere much harder and much less friendly for us to go to.

I'm going to wrap this up here and be a party pooper and go to bed.  Yes, it took me a half hour to put this together, but it was fun.  Here's to more posting and less white space next year.

Peace to all and may your years wrap up on a good note, and the year to come be full and wonderful.

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