Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Midweek Catchup

Well, I seem to be heading right back to where I was with posting.  I looked at my blog today and thought "hmmm, I haven't updated since Monday, I really should... but..."  So, I decided to just click the "new post" button and see what happens.
This week at work hasn't been too bad.  I've actually been quite productive all things considered.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, it's been two big projects that have been keeping me busy.  I really, really, really want to get both of them done this week, but that'll require a good bit of cooperation from the customers and a good bit of luck on my part.  Thankfully, things seem to be going somewhat smoothly with both of them, there are a few minor roadblocks yet with the one and the need for a map for part of the trail on the other, but we're mostly there I think.
Tuesday was especially good, as it was Donald's birthday and a large group went out for lunch.  I totally overate, but it was so yummy and worth it.  Of course, the entire afternoon almost was taken up with 3 meetings, of varying importance and usefulness.  But, that's the life of working.
I am looking forward to this weekend.  Mel Bell is coming to visit.  It's also Zoe's Christmas program at school Friday evening.  Depending on when and how Mel's getting down here, we're hopefully going to go see it.  It's usually not too bad, and Boo usually does OK with it.  There isn't a whole lot on the plate for the weekend.  We may do some cookie and other goody making if Mel is up for it.  I know Boo will want to help.  I'm not sure where the cooking bug has come from, but I will encourage it.  At worst, he'll be able to make his own lunches and dinners at best (or maybe worst again depending on who you ask) he'll make a career or a hobby out of it.  Hopefully it'll get him to try some new things.  That would be a nice bonus.

I've also got all my fingers and toes crossed and am praying to all that his holy that Rae and Kami will be getting some very good news soon.  They're in the middle of IVF and hopefully, hopefully, today was the day they were going to implant.  I so want this to be successful.  I so want my cousin and her wife to be able to have a family of their own, to join those of us on this wonderful ride called parenthood.Trust me, even with the wild ups and the downs and whinies, I wouldn't get off this ride for anything.  It's changed my life completely, but I can't even imagine my life, our life, without Boo.  It seems so much more full and vibrant and fun.
So, right now I'm wishing for all the luck in the world for Rae and Kami.

Anyhow, just wanted to let everyone know that our little corner of the universe keeps humming along.

Peace to all and may your weeks be good and there be happy news in your future.

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