Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookie Monster Weekend

Ok, so a little late than never.  This weekend was a ton of fun.  I got to spend a lot of time with Mel Bell and Rachel too and all kinds of other good things.
As usual, the weekend started out on a hectic note.  After work Friday I had to go pick up Boo, go about 45 minutes or so to pick up Mel Bell, come back, hit the Chick-fil-a drive through, pick up Gak and head to Zoe's Christmas concert, all between 4 and 7.  Considering I work about a half hour from Boo's day care (and I got out a few minutes late) and that there was over 2 hours driving in that 3 hour time span, yeah, it was close.
Anyhow, I manage to get everyone picked up and fed and over to Zoe's school by 7.  This year they are having 2 concerts, the elementary age kids and then the Jr/Sr high kids, so it was nice and short.  It was a nice little program and Boo did very well sitting through it quietly.  After the concert we all troop over to the diner because we're the only ones who ate.  Of course, my son decides to eat again and we have a snack.
Saturday I drop Gak off at work and do a quick grocery run while Mel plays with Boo.  When I get home the kids get dressed and we go into "the dungeon" and bring up the Christmas stuff.  By that point it's time for us to head over to bowling to meet up with everyone for brunch.  (Yes, this was a busy weekend, why?)  When Rachel saw us coming in the door, you'd have thought it was more like 12 years not 12 hours since she's seen Mel.  Anyhow, after brunch I head home with Mel and Rachel and Boo.  I try and convince Boo to take a nap, but he's having none of it because two of his cousins are here.  Anyhow, the girls and I got the tree up and decorated while Boo was playing in his room.  We even got some cookies started.

The girls had a bit of a flour fight, but it's all OK as they kept the mess in the kitchen and even managed to clean it all up (well, almost all) on their own.  They even "helped" each other clean up a bit too.  It was good fun.
(This was actually from last week, but Boo helped with more sprinkles this week and with some mixing too...)

Anyhow, we made four different kinds of cookies that day.  Boo eventually did take a nap after I'd gone and picked up Poppa from work.
I took Rachel home after dinner and then Mel called her step-mom to see if she could walk over for a few.  (She lives about one block away, especially if you go out our back door to her back door...)  So, she took some cookies over and they hung out for a few hours.  It was nice that she was able to get some time over there too.  CC and George (Mel and Ant's dad) may not have been married or together long before George passed, but she really does care about Mel and Ant and they both like her.
Sunday was a bit more calm, as we didn't have a Rachel over.  Well, somewhat calm.  It was a gray and icky day but I had a boy who was full over extra energy.  Around noon we all trek over to the grocery store to pick Gak up some lunches for work (he had to open yesterday and will be going in at 10 from now until Christmas) and then over to Burger King to grab lunch, mostly so Boo could run around the play area. It's days like Sunday that I wish we had a yard.  Oh well.  And how come my buckets of energy boy will run circles around the apartment, but when you take him to a play area, just sorta stands there and doesn't want to climb or anything like he does all over the furniture?  Oh well, we did get him a bit more worn out than he was though.
After lunch we came home and Boo actually did nap for us.  Probably because there wasn't the excitement of two cousins being here and all the chaos of two teen-aged girls.  Mel and I baked some more cookies and waited for Joan to pick her up.  Yes, I like baking cookies, why?  Anyhow, Mel went home a little after 2 and the Boo-boy slept in a bit longer too.

Of course, that wasn't the end of my weekend as I try and use up the last bits of my vacation time and still have enough time at work to get everything done that needs doing before the end of the year.  I both love and hate having the week between Christmas and New Year's off.  I love having the time, but I hate that it shortens my time to get all the end of year work that comes in done.
Anyhow, since Gak had to work all day yesterday, we drop him off as Boo and I head down to Phoenixville to go swimming with Amma.  Yesterday was her swim class's Christmas breakfast and we were invited of course.  Anyhow, we got there a little after 8 and Boo had a blast!  He even let Erin put a bubble on his back and he went to her for a while.  Most of the time he spent with Amma playing while I worked out a bit.  It was a relaxing change from my high intensity class on Tuesday nights.  I'm going to miss it when this session ends, but I'm really tired of fighting with swim team and the water is just not comfortable (although it's been better the last few weeks and Mom's pool is just too warm...)  After swimming we went to breakfast and it was quite enjoyable.  Boo did very well and ate almost all of his pancake and about 2/3 of Amma's fruit cup.  (My boy does love fruit!)  We then headed to the book store to pick up one last present and then to Amma and PopPop's so the boy could have a play date with PopPop.  Unfortunately, PopPop isn't feeling too well, as he's got a kidney stone.  We did have a nice visit until Boo got to that silly tired stage.  I convinced him to get his jacket on and we went home.  He passed out before we even hit the Turnpike.  We got home and he woke up long enough for me to take him upstairs to our apartment.  Once inside he stripped his jacket as he stumbled to his bed and crawled right in.  He slept another hour or so.

Anyhow, I have an awake boy.  I've got to get both of us ready for the day as I'm dropping Boo off at daycare on my way to work since Gak has to be in at 10.  (This is one of those times a second car would be nice....)

Peace to all and may your weekends be full and fun.

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