Monday, October 05, 2009

Oops, Still Here....

No, I didn't fall off the face of the planet I promise. No, work hasn't really been all that bad yet for a reporting month. (I did have a lot of "hurry up and wait" though on Thursday and Friday.... but that's nothing new...)
No, I just simply didn't feel like writing. I have things to say and things on my mind, but I just didn't want to write.
I'm sure by now all 3 readers are sick and tired of hearing me berate myself about being a bad momma and having a boy who (still) won't eat... so I'll try and not put so much of that in this post.

Anyhow, like I said, work's been a bit of hurry up and wait. I can deal with that, but it gets trying. At least I don't have 17 people yelling at me at the moment. I'll leave that to others, who I really do feel for. Namely my replacement as training manager. He's trying to do even more with the training and service and reporting than I ever did... and he's trying to change the system that I fought against for at least 2 years for some things, but even longer for others. I just hope he can get the changes he wants, because they're good ones and ones I tried for myself. (Not that that makes them inherently good, but.... oh, never mind.)

As you can see from the picture at the top, the boy is yet another month old. I actually took this on the second. It's just taken me this long to get around to downloading and uploading the pictures. (And see above about just not being in the mood to post....) I couldn't get a good one of Boo looking at the camera. He has taken to using the dragon as a lounge chair. It's really pretty cute.
Oh, and did I mention, he's another month older. Yep, that's right... my baby, who is now officially a toddler, is 16 months old! When did that happen? Where did that tiny little infant we brought home go? He's turning into a wonderful, spirited, mostly happy little boy.
I can tell we're approaching the big 2 mark though. Over the last several days his temper and stubbornness is getting the better of him and we've had some melt downs and almost mini-tantrums. I'm not looking forward to the full blown thing because, well, he's as stubborn as the rest of the people in this house.
This is why I hoped he'd pick up signing... even though I've been very bad about trying to teach him. (Although, I was very consistent for a while, but he just doesn't seem to care about signing words or speaking them much...) If only he had the words or signs to tell me what he wants, this whole guessing game that is frustrating to everyone wouldn't be so bad. He knows what he wants (most of the time....) but he just can't tell me and I just can't read his little mind some days. This will only get more frustrating.
In other boy news... he's started to bring us his box of crayons, so that he can color. We're keeping him well away from walls and anything else that we don't want color on. He's much more interested in coloring the table than the paper right now. Luckily these crayons clean up fairly well. Nothing more than a few random lines and a lot of crinkled paper, so nothing to send to Nana or home with Am-ma. Soon though.
He's also started throwing his ball. We blame Gak on this one. Gak showed him how and was somewhat encouraging it the other day. Oops. Oh well, he doesn't have any really big, heavy balls that can cause any real damage, other than to our faces. He'll gladly toss/roll the ball back and forth for at least 5 minutes, with is forever in toddler time.

This weekend was Autumn Alive or something like that here in town. Not quite so crafty as the spring one, but still, a nice chance to get out and wander the block. The weather held out wonderfully. It looked like it was supposed to rain off and on Saturday, but it didn't. It was back up near 70, and I thought it wasn't going to be, so Boo and I were in long-sleeve T-shirts. Oops.
Anyhow, I did make a few purchases. A needle-felted ornament for the Christmas tree made by a woman with the wool from her own sheep. (She had bags of fleece and rovings for sale... but since I don't spin and don't know how to needle felt yet, it wasn't quite a temptation...) I did, however, buy a hank of yarn made from the sheering of a local alpaca farm. That was my big splurge. It's a nice creamy color, no dies. Their alpaca are mostly free-range, just separated boys from girls and pregnant girls from non-pregnant girls. They've got lots of space to roam, which is a good thing. I can't wait to find something to do with this hank of yarn other than to pet it.
The last big purchase (haha, $5) was a small thing of apples and some fresh pressed apple cider from the local farm. They have a farm stand out by the Turnpike, but I never think of stopping. I should, I really should. You can taste the skin and all the fresh apple goodness in the cider. Last night I made a pie-plate-less apple pie (and a single serve apple crumble) with the apples. I used a store bought pie crust, because I'm horrible at making them and don't have a food processor, the only way I've ever managed it.
Here, have a slice.

I must be getting on my way. It feels like I only just went to bed, but it's now almost 6 and I've got to get out the door soon.

Peace to all and may your weekends be good and the tantrums to a minimum.

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