Friday, October 30, 2009

One Second

Hey, no I haven't fallen off the planet. This week has been busy. I was going to post last night, but I got drafted into "helping" make Zoe's costume. She's going to be Dorothy. No, we didn't use a pattern. No, it's not an actual "dress", more of a skirt and smock. Yes, I cut lots of corners and with a little magic it looks pretty good. I wasn't too worried about getting it "perfect" because it's only a Halloween costume.
But, it got me out of the house, got me some time with Kat, got Boo some time with Zoe and was fun. I am amazed that I threw the thing together in just about an hour after we got started. It's a good thing this girl has no hips.... or waist... or anything other than toothpick. She'll be cute.
I also put the "finishing touches" on my scarecrow costume for work. It's cheep. It's a little cheezy, but it'll work. And I'm sure 80% of the people won't dress up, they never do. But it's fun.
Right now I'm having a few problems with Boo and his costume. He doesn't seem to like the dragon that Abi bought him last year and was too big. (I have pics of the one time I got it on him... but they're on the camera.) Last night we tried Zoe's old dragon on, and it was a little better, for about 5 minutes. We may not even be going out. It all depends on the weather and Zoe. I'm not taking Boo out myself, but if Zoe and family are going, we'll tag along.
Sunday is Mel and Ant's joint family birthday party. That should be fun. I miss those kids. And Joan too!
Anyhow, I'm running late for work but figured I'd better post something before all 3 of my readers give me up for dead :P

Oh, and Go Phills! Too bad they didn't take game 2, but from what I hear and looking at the score and recap (I didn't watch... I was afraid to) game 1 was a blast! 3 more guys, just 3 more wins and you can take some time off.

Peace to all and may your lives be full.

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