Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding Time!

Well, I now officially have a sister-in-law and Boo has a step-cousin. I'd love to say it was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful experience.
I can't, because I only got to watch the last minute or so of the wedding. Yep, technical difficulties on my end.... including some pages that weren't actually refreshing. Oh well, I got to see the unity candle and the "husband and wife" bit. I wish I'd gotten to see it all though.
I'm very happy that Brian and Tonya are happily together. I think they'll have a good life together. I am so very happy to add Tonya and Aden to the family.

Let's see... what else is going on? My focus at work's been shot off and on for the last week, which isn't helping things any. There's all kinds of drama, but mostly of the normal office variety. I think our three new contractors are coming along quite well. I just wish we could get Ellen some help in sourcing.

Oh, in other news... I donated blood this evening for the first time since... oh.... 2006 some time. Yep, I was finally able to again. First I was deferred for a year because I'd spent 3 days in Mexico. Then I was pregnant with Boo. Then I was nursing Boo. Finally, all the things keeping me from being able to donate have passed. Unfortunately, when they called me a few weeks back to make the appointment, I spaced on the dates, just the fact that it was a Tuesday so Gak should be home and they had evening slots available. Uh... nope... Gak's in Vegas. Oops. So, Boo went with me. He did very well for most of the time, except when he wasn't allowed to be with me because I was being checked in. I totally understand the rule for people over the age of... oh... 5, but 16 months? Oh well. It went quickly once I was finally processed... not sure what was going on there other than some run of the mill chaos.
After that we came home, called Poppa and went to bed.

Then at 9:30 I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why I kept getting the guy telling me the wedding hadn't started yet when it started at 9:30. I'm just glad I got to catch any of it.

Oh well, it's 10:00 now and I'm tired. Off to my bed.

Peace to all and may technology work in your favor and don't forget your good deed for the day.

(p.s. I would post a pic of Brian and Tonya, but I didn't get any of both of them on my camera... or any of Tonya actually... and I don't have anything newer either... *sigh*)
(p.p.s. I did have a picture from yesterday.... Gak sent it to my work email... so, updated post.)

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