Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo Update

Well, this weekend didn't turn out so bad. Saturday was rainy and icky, but yesterday was down right beautiful. The only thing marring yesterday was the fact that I needed to go into the office for a few hours. I didn't get any cases closed, but I responded to one guy who didn't read my original email explaining things, got another to a point where I need help and got a third to a point where I'll just have to follow up with the customer today and hopefully be able to close it. I'm still super disorganized, but eh..... that's nothing new.
I have the best husband in the world though.
Yep. I may grumble and growl and fuss, way too much some days, but he's the best.
I walk in from having gone to the office and to the grocery store to him taking a pan of brownies out of the oven. And not from a box either. He actually went online, found a recipe and made a pan of brownies from scratch. And they're yummy. (No, I'm not just saying that because I didn't have to make them, they really are yummy!)
We did get to go to the park yesterday and it was fun. We missed most of the parade because they turned about half a block before they got to our house, but that's OK. Boo really does enjoy climbing up and going down the slide. He still keeps trying to climb the slide, which is funny because he'll get partway up, slide down on his belly and giggle.
And speaking of Boo and climbing, I think I mentioned something about a milestone review a few days back. Well, I guess I should do that then.
Let's see here... we're still having big issues (at least in my book) about eating, or not eating as the case may be. He still loves strawberries, including the "fruit leather" from Gerber, which is a softer kind then what I get for me, and amazingly enough really is all fruit. Mandarin oranges are also a huge hit, so that's a good thing. This weekend was a horrible eating weekend, especially when it came to protein. He did drink his milk and eat cheese, but.... not much else. I'm getting so tired of making him chicken fingers or grilled cheese... and I don't like giving him the bowls for dinner because that's what he gets a lot for lunch at school. I've tried giving him pieces of whole chicken breast right off my plate after he's pointed to it, no dice. I tried giving him a bite of ribs from last night (just put it on his plate after offering it) again, no dice. I've tried macaroni and cheese (even the blue box like they make at school) or pasta or rice of any description, no go, just tears. I'm really getting tired of this battle, but there's no way other than forward.
But... on brighter, happier notes, I really have a full fledged toddler. He (usually) loves crawling up the stairs into our apartment. Saturday he had some issues, but his shoes were wet and the steps a little slippery and he was tired. He doesn't randomly fall over any more unless he's super tired and then I think it might be on purpose.
He'll "ask" for nap time if he wants one; or if you ask him if it's bed time, he'll go snuggle against his Poppa to get a hug and then walk over to his crib, looking back for me, and rattle the bars. If you ask him if he's hungry, he'll walk over to the gate and look back at you. If you either tell him he needs a bottom change or he decides before you that he needs one, he'll go over to the changing pad looking back for you. Some days he'll ask as soon as he's the slightest bit wet, other days he'll have a 2 lb wet diaper before he notices.... and dirty is really hit or miss, mostly miss. So, maybe in another 6 months or so we'll be ready to try the whole potty training thing, but I'm really not going to push it. I don't really want to try until he's a little more responsive to the "I'm wet" thing, and possibly has a few more words. That and since Gak's the one home with him in the mornings, I will wait until he's ready too. He'll ask for bath by walking towards the gate trying to pull his shirt over his head, and when we get there will use the word "bat".
As far as words go, I've started keeping a list (which is at work) of things he says all the time and words I've heard a few times. Momma and Poppa/Daddy are being used more and more often in the right context. Uh-oh, go and no are favorites. Although, right now "no" means both yes and no. Ball and Bath and Bed are all here, sounding somewhat similar, except that bath has a "t" sound on the end and bed definitely has more of an "e" sound even if the ending "d" is missing. There are a handful of others that come and go like down, more, up, shoes and I think I got an "all done" from him. I also think I got the sign for both "more" and "all done" last night, but I'm not really sure. I've been much more consistent about "all done" than "more" recently. If he's picked those two up, I'll try adding some more. I had given up hope on using signs with him since he seemed so resistant. But, he seems to be showing much more of a language desire these days, and maybe it's just time.
Boo likes to play with balls, he can roll them and toss them over hand (I'm not sure about underhand, I haven't tried to get him to do that myself...) He likes to sit and bounce on his big dragon. We haven't been stacking blocks so much recently, but I'm sure that'll come back. I think his record for stacking on his own with a little prompting was 7. He's really into books again, bringing us the same one about 5 or 6 times in a row to read. Then he'll go and "read" it himself. He may end up being an early reader like his Momma... but maybe not. He likes to color for about 10 seconds at a shot. I got him a huge tablet from Staples and put him, it and the crayons on the floor. He likes that a lot better than trying to stay on a little piece of paper that keeps moving (if I try and tape it down, he'll purposely tear is up and flip it over). I think I've heard him ask by name for the crayons, and crackers. He can climb into and out of the rocking chair in his room and has now been able to climb up onto the sofa a handful of times by himself. He's been able to get down off that for ages now. He likes to take the clean pants out of the basket in his closet and put them into the dirty hamper. (Which makes it challenging at the end of the week to find pants for the boy.)
So, overall Boo is coming along. He's had a real growth spurt as far as physical and verbal abilities since we went on vacation a month ago. (I can't believe it's been a month already!)
I think that's all the big things.

Well, I'd better get ready for work.

Peace to all and may your weekends be good, and your life full of little miracles.


Flauta Mom said...

Yesterday I took advantage of Claudia playing in the yard to feed her. SHe was playing with dirt and water and would come to the door saying "knock, ah home", asking for the door to open and then saying "ah wok" and leaving again. After the first gazillion reps I decided to try giving her a bite of chicken, she ate a bite or two every time she game to the door, and even asked for it. So go unconventional. And I know you know, but look at what he eats in a week to see if he is getting enough. I swear sometimes MonkeyBaby can live off air (wish I could).

Addey said...

Yeah. I totally understand. I can sometimes get 3-4 bites in him at dinner while he's in his high chair, but if I let him down and he can go play with the magnets on the fridge (need some letters/numbers now) I can often get him to eat the rest. Now to start "sneaking" the real food in.
I also have to remember that he only needs 1/4 to 1/2 of an "adult" portion! *lol* You'd think that would be easy with how small he is compared to an adult.