Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Big Boy!

Where oh where has my little boy gone? It seems like I turn around three times and instead of a cute little baby who's trying to figure this walking thing out, I've got a full blown toddler racing for Kindergarten! He doesn't even look like a baby so much in the face any more. It's subtle, but his face is slightly different. I don't know if you can see it like I do in this picture taken by Am-ma, but, he looks so grown up here to me.
For example, the last 3 or 4 nights at around 8:00 and bed time, I'll tell him to "go tell Poppa good night, it's time for bed" and amazingly enough, he does! He'll go over to Gak, get a hug and then walk over to his crib and grab the bars as if to climb in. Monday Gak wasn't home, but at about quarter to 8, he was getting fussy and snuggly and not sure if he wanted up on the couch with me or to play and I asked him if he wanted to go to bed. Sure enough, he walked right over to his crib and was trying to figure out how to climb in. No, I'm not ready to move him into a toddler or big bed yet, because last night after he willingly decided to go to bed, he decided that he'd rather be up about 5 minutes later, and was cranky he couldn't get out of the crib. (He also hasn't managed to actually climb out, or even try hard really, so he's just fine where he is.)
Last night was cute. At around 7:30 we were all in the living room playing and/or watching TV. Gak had taken the pants off the boy because they were falling down anyhow (18 months are just a hair big yet....). Boo then walks over to the gate, looking back at me and starts trying to take his shirt off. If that wasn't a clear asking for bath time, I don't know what is! I told him I had to get his towel, so he followed me into his room and then down the hall to the bath room. 20 minutes later, I had a clean boy and he was ready to get out of the tub. He also willingly went to his bed at just about 8 (even though a few minutes later he was trying to figure out why he'd done so...).
Yep, my boy is growing up and making decisions and following directions. He can now find my nose ("bb-beep!"), his ear, his belly button and sometimes his toes. Although, last night in the bath I asked him to find his belly button and he kept grabbing his penis instead. Oops. Oh well, they're right there next to each other when he's sitting in the bath.
Words are still a bit tricky and hit or miss. "Down" has more or less gone away again. "Uh-oh" is still a favorite, and "no" is used for everything, including "yes". "Daddy" is definitely here to stay, even though he still will often use it for either parent. He will use "momma", but not always to call or identify me. He doesn't say "nose" but "bb-beep" instead. That's our fault, since we've been doing that since the day he was born. He'll try some "b" starting sound for ball, but it's way more than one syllable most times. Oh, and he likes throwing the ball, thanks Gak. :P
On the physical front he's all but given up crawling, as walking is now faster. He's also crawled up all the steps into our apartment (about 20!) twice now. Don't worry, either Gak or I was behind him spotting. He did it for me Saturday after we came in from Autumn Fest. I was putting up his stroller and had the door open and he just started crawling up the steps. I let him, figuring that I'd pick him up at the landing. Nope, he kept on going! Gak had him do the same thing last night. You could tell it was hard work and that he was proud of himself when he got up here.
Boo also will eat one or two cashews or almonds if I give them to him, with no reaction. (This is a good thing because I do have some problems with most tree nuts, but not these two in small quantities at the moment...) He'll also eat peanut butter if you make it into a cracker sandwich so he doesn't have to touch the peanut butter.
I actually made a dinner that all of us ate last night! I think that's the first time ever. Admittedly, it was grilled cheese and tomato soup and Boo didn't want any soup. But, we all ate the same thing at the same time. Minor miracle. Last time I tried that with grilled cheese, it was a no sandwich night for Boo. I still dread trying to figure out what to feed him on any given day. I just try and make sure he gets enough fruits, attempt to get some kind of protein into him and that he drinks. I'm horrible about the veggies, but then again, I'm not any better for myself. I really need to try and get at least sweet potatoes or corn back into his diet... I'd love to get something green into all our diets, but I'm not sure how well that'll happen.

Well, enough bragging about my boy. Boo really is growing by leaps and bounds right now. There has been a total explosion of growth and development. (Now, if only I could get the acceptable foods list to grow)


Flauta Mom said...

There is this book about hiding veggies into regular foods meant for picky eaters, it might give you some ideas on how to introduce more veggies to your diet. When I remember the name I'll let you know.
Here, I love veggies, but that is what I grew up eating in CR. Marcus hates the stuff unless it is hidden --like my meatloaf has a TON of pureed veggies and so does my pasta sauce.

MonkeyBaby's veggies are: avocado, corn, soybeans, sweet potato fries. One in each color, and she doesn't eat 1)a lot of each or 2) more often than 2-3 times a week.

Fruits she eats: green grapes (only), strawberries, apples, bananas and orange colored citrus. These she eats at least once a day.

It takes time and patience, but it can take up to 100 tries before they take more than a lick of something. Claudia still doesn't eat a lot of solids, but I can fall back on nursing to give her enough.

Pick a new food item each week, and offer it at every meal, have everyone, even YOU, take a taste. For your LO I would recommend then smearing on the lips technique --one of the few ways to intro a new taste for her is to do that, many time she will ask for more.


Good luck!


ps Ziplock has these microwave steam bags that are great. You can even steam potatoes and they make great mashers! (You can hide cauliflower in the mashers) ;)

Addey said...

Yes, most things I can't even get close to his mouth, let alone in it. So frustrating. And things he used to eat ravenously (hamburgers) I can't even get him to look at.
I am lucky in the fact that he loves lots of fruit. Strawberries are the all time best. He loves mandarin oranges at the moment too. Banana chips are good, so is apple sauce. Sometimes pears are OK. We haven't tried grapes yet just because I haven't bought any in a long time.