Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well, I wasn't the only one fighting off a bug it seems. Yesterday I kept Boo home from day care and attempted to work from home in the afternoon. He didn't have a "real" fever, just barely 100, but that's warm for him. He was also Mr. Crankybutt and looked like he needed to sleep all day.
Well, his fever did go away quite quickly after a dose of baby Motrin, but the cranky part didn't and he only took one hour-long nap for me. Which is when I got some real work done. Most of the rest of the afternoon we spent curled up on the sofa watching Nick Jr. (I like the old name of Noggin better *sigh*)
But, he was actually smiling and laughing by the end of the day. He did go to bed pretty early because he was falling all over himself. Of course, he'd originally gotten up around 4am. I pulled him into our bed around 4:30 before he got too fussy and he was content to lay there with Trey for about an hour or so. He did wiggle all around and spent a bit of time kicking his poppa, but we were all able to snooze for a bit longer.

Today I have my follow up podiatrist visit. I have to say, my heels are feeling much better. Who knew that a little stretching could go such a long way?
And speaking of doctors, corporate is changing the way insurance works for all of us US employees. I have to do a good bit more reading/calculating, but it looks like it may cost about the same out of my pay check, but more out of pocket in the long run... depending on how many visits are covered 100% vs. not at all.... and what happens to the prescription plan. Ugh. This is not what I need right now with the salary freeze in place.

Well, I've got a waking boy and I've got to get my butt out the door to work. More later. Wish me luck, tomorrow starts reporting month, and October is never fun.

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