Thursday, September 03, 2009


Well, everyone today had a checkup or a review of some kind today. And overall, we're all doing just fine.
Boo's appointment was first. He's right on target developmentally. He's 31.25" tall and 22lb 6 oz, so he's down about a half lb. from June. He's right around the 50th percentile for height and head circumference, and the 25th for weight. The doctor wasn't too worried about his weight because he's become so much more active lately. She didn't have much advice for getting him to eat, just telling us to expect him to not eat much at one sitting (apparently he was freakishly hungry or something before August...) and to just make sure that his snacks round out his meals as far as fruits/veggies and the like go. Also to try and get more iron into him because he was a bit on the anemic since back in June and that may actually be affecting his appetite. She gave us a list of high iron foods and well, he avoids most of them like the plague. Joy. She did, however give us some fluoride/iron drops to give him. They don't put fluoride in our water for whatever reason, and of course he needs it for his teeth. So, they started making this combo drop. We'll see. I haven't tried to give it to him yet. So, other than my worries about his eating, he's just fine.
He also got three shots today. He got his 4th HIB shot and the flu shot and his first dose of MMR. He screamed bloody murder through the whole thing, but was fine shortly thereafter. That is until we got to Gak's doctor appointment.
Both of us forgot that Gak had a doctor's appointment today as well until they called yesterday to confirm. Oops. Good thing I was going to be home anyhow and it was enough after Boo's appointment there wasn't an issue. Anyhow, his cholesterol is below 200, but the ratio between the good and bad is a little out of whack. He is doing well over all. She's very glad to hear he walks 2 miles almost every day to get to work. She was also happy to hear the low dose of Welbutrin that she's prescribed is working out just fine. Most people end up taking a higher dose than he is, but he's feeling good with what he's taking, and she's the last person who would over-prescribe something. Oh, and he had a stink bug in his ear.
Yes, that's right, he had a dead bug in his ear. Suffice to say she saw something odd when she was looking in his ear and decided to flush it out. Low and behold, there was a bug. Gross... ewww... ick. I'd be grossed out for weeks.... as is I'll be a little squeamish about it for a few days. *shudder*

Anyhow, after the boys had their doctor appointments we decided to go to Chick-Fil-A for either a really early lunch or a really late breakfast. (A second breakfast for Boo, as he'd had a yogurt and some shredded wheat for breakfast at 8.) We then bopped around Target for a bit. Of course, this means we didn't go home like I planned so I didn't turn on the crockpot, so dinner wasn't ready. Luckily it was still cool when I got home since the chicken was frozen to begin with this morning. It's cooking now and we'll eat it tomorrow.

Oh, I guess you want to know about my review?
Well, it went quite well. My performance is improving. (Well, that happens when you're not feeling overwhelmed with the burden of having to travel and have some semblance of order in your life.) Charlie is quite happy with my performance in parts. (Well, what I'm doing is super simple and almost downright boring...) I said I'd love to get a few small projects in parts to work on or something a bit more than what I'm doing and that I need more service work. My manager would like to see me take more priority 1 (fast response, something is BUSTED calls... something I've never been good at as they usually fall outside my expertise.) He also noted that in the first half of the year I was definitely NOT a top performer. Well, duh. i was miserable, I didn't know what was up or what was going on or even if I wanted to stay. I'm a good bit happier now. Also, over the last several years with my former manager, I'd been able to get very lazy about certain things. I told my current manager so and that I've been trying like crazy to break myself of those bad habits. It seems to be working for the most part.

Anyhow, that was our day.

Oh, that and I seem to be stirring up mischief with some of my more conservative friends over on facebook. Oh well. Some days I think I'm too liberal for half my friends and too conservative for the other half. I guess that means I'm just about right. I won't get into what the disagreement is about because, well... it just isn't worth it right now.

As for this weekend, Gak actually has Sunday and Monday off! Sunday we're going down to my parents' for a picnic at the park and to play a bit. Joan wants me to go with her and Kat to go see a comic up at the Allentown Fair, but I don't really enjoy the guy that much and I'm too broke to get into the Fair to begin with, and I'd feel bad not paying her back for the ticket. I tried to tell her last week I didn't want to go, but she's not listening. (She also happens to be the one I'm arguing with, but that has absolutely no bearing on why I don't want to go.... I honestly am not fond of the comic she has tickets to.)
Other than that no plans.

I'm going to sign off and go play with some yarn I think. (I'm still looking for a "plays with yarn" group that meets somewhere vaguely near my house one evening a week.... but so far I can't find a darn thing.)

Peace to all and may the checkups be good and the weekends long.

PS. No dragon pictures for the boy today. I forgot when we got home and we played the sock sorting game.

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