Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Review

Well, let's see here. Overall the weekend was good. On a personal note though, I feel really horrible for blowing off two of my best friends and being, well, a bit on the bitchy side.
I was going to save that for the end, but might as well get it out up front. I blew off Joan for a "girls night" mostly because of the comic she chose, don't enjoy him, and just didn't want to go. I'm so broke right now that even someone footing the bill makes me feel worse, not better. I also blew off Kat and going up to Ray's for a birthday party for two of his kids. I haven't seen Ray in a couple of years and it would have been nice to catch up again. (I'm not sure if you remember the post ages back where I ran into him in the grocery store... he's my high school ex. He's turned into a pretty decent guy, now that we've both grown up a bit.) There were also some other people who were going to be there that I haven't seen in quite a while. Oh well. My loss.
I did apologize to both Joan and Kat. I know we're still cool, but I still feel like a royal bitch and not a very good friend for it all.

Let's move on to the good part of the weekend shall we?

The weather this weekend was just plain beautiful. Yesterday was a little gray, but that's OK.
Saturday was a "typical" Saturday in the fact that I dropped Gak off at work, got the laundry done (in record time, too I think... not sure how I managed that) and came home. Boo and I played for a bit and ate a little (very little in his case) lunch at around 11. Around 11:30 or so he was falling down tired, so I put him down for a nap. (We're trying to get him to only take one nap in the afternoons, because that's his daycare schedule now.) Well, the boy slept for about 2.5 hours. Yes, he'd gotten plenty of sleep the night before, but for some reason, he was just pooped!
This gave me the perfect opportunity to finish a couple of projects. I finished up the fall wall hanging (and just in time for the season for a change and in only 3 weeks!) and made Daniel's birthday present from start to finish. I also managed to crochet 2 new scrunchies out of left over ribbon and get a little more yarn work done too. Of course, by this time I was wondering if my boy was ever going to wake up, and he did... a little cranky.
We picked up Gak, had an early dinner like usual (one small luxury I'm loath to give up... don't get me started, I'm not talking about money right now). We then went to the grocery store and did a "divide and conquer". By then it was already almost 6! So, we came home and played with the boy for a bit and had a heck of a time trying to get him to go to bed at 8. Oh well.
Instead of going out with my friends on Sunday, we went down to Mom and Dad's. It was a very enjoyable day and Boo was showing off left and right his walking prowess and so very proud of himself! I think he walked more on Sunday than the previous 4 days combined! He was definitely happy boy. The other highlight of the day was Am-ma giving her boy his first hair cut. More of just a trim around the ears really. He did not enjoy it. He sat on my lap facing me and squirmed and cried the entire minute and a half that it took. So, he still has his baby curls in the back, but now he won't look like he's about to fly away over the ears. He really is a handsome boy. (I left my camera at home and got one good one on Mom's, but she'll email it to me later.) Yes, I kept the entire trimming... there wasn't much and well, I'm sentimental that way.
Yesterday, being Labor Day, Gak and I worked. Not at our usual jobs, but we started on a major cleaning of the dining room and kitchen. We'd lost the dining room table again. It needed to be found by next Wednesday when my aunt, uncle and parents will be over for dinner. Also, the kitchen table was all but lost as well. I think we spent a good couple of hours working on it, and entertaining a boy as well. It looks pretty good. There's more work to be done, but overall, I'm happy with the progress. Now if only I could learn to keep it that way. (I know how, I just seem incapable of using that knowledge on a regular basis....)
Boo took a short nap mid-day (only an hour this time) and in the afternoon we went over to Best Buy and to Target. You see, our DVD player is dead. It won't recognize a disk when you put it in there. There was a decent one at the stores, but it was $42 at Best Buy (but in stock) and only $35 at Target, but out of stock. So, we didn't buy either because, well, I really can't afford to anyhow. (Dammit, I wasn't going to talk about money.....) So, we just wandered around a bit and then came home.
Boo didn't nap at all in the afternoon (even though he should have) and was cranky boy off and on. I'm wondering if he's not getting more bottom teeth. He did eat dinner though. It was quite a messy experience and I expect it will be from here on out. You see, Boo is finally interested in using a spoon himself. I did manage to get almost an entire bowl of his chicken and stars into him. Once I forced a bite upon him and he realized what it was I was trying to get him to eat instead of refusing it out of hand... silly boy. I hate doing that and don't often...but.... some days it's the only way.... It's like he'll refuse what he's offered even before he knows what it is, just to be a stinker because it's on a spoon, not a crunchy finger food (crunchy being key I think) because he'll gobble up the crunchies after he refused a bite, so he is hungry.
I have no idea where I was going with that very run on sentence and paragraph. Oh well.

At any rate, I've got to get going. I've got a few pictures to post to Flickr. I've got to get out the door to work.

Peace to all and may you be the friend that you really are and enjoy the weekends.


abilee said...

Wait... What??? He's *WALKING*!!! Where did the time go...

Addey said...

well.... it did happen kinda suddenly all things considered, and he is 15 months old now.
And, now, I have no idea where the time went either!