Monday, September 14, 2009

Vacation? Not yet.

Well, the official count down to my mini "summer" vacation is on. 4 more work days and then I'm free! At least until next Thursday. Gak has one more day after that, but... it's a short day and he doesn't have to do the driving.
I'm actually pretty excited about it. I think this will be my first trip down there since before the wedding when we found our wedding bands. I can't wait to take Boo onto the beach and let him experience sand and waves and salt water. I never did get him into a pool this summer. I'm kinda cranky with myself for that one. I could have used Frank's pool at almost any time, but even after all these years I still feel a little weird just going over or calling and asking to use the pool if Kat's not around. I really wanted to sign up for a baby and me swim time at the Y, but there was no way I could scrape that money together. I hate how tight finances have been and will continue to be for at least the next year. (Again, a whole different rant and not why I'm posting, but it casts it's ugly shadow over all I do right now...)
Back to vacation. Ahh... sun.... sand.... waves.... Grotto's Pizza. Mmmmm.... I can't wait!
Mom will be joining us down there and that will be wonderful. I'm glad she's coming. In some ways, even though I'm an adult, who's married and has a 15-month old for crying out loud, I still feel weird borrowing Bobbie's house by myself or for my family. I don't know why, it just does. Maybe because I've known Bobbie forever and well, she's more like a grandmother of sorts to me, but not my grandmother.... oh, it's all to confusing. But, speaking of Bobbie, she will be coming down to the house Tuesday evening so we'll get to spend some time Wednesday with her! That will be great. I haven't seen her since Gram's memorial.
Of course, I haven't been to the beach since shortly after Gram passed, and I haven't been to Rehoboth since before that. Mom and Dad went down last fall for a day, and again earlier this season I think. (I don't remember, it's all fuzzy...) I'm sure I'll add some of my own salty tears to the salty water. The emotions will be running high that's for sure. I'm just so excited about introducing my son to the beach though.
Some people are beach people. Some are mountain people. Me, I think I'm a bit of both. I mean, I love the beach and swimming in the ocean and all the wonderful memories being there holds. But... I really do love the mountains and the trees of the woods and the bitter cold streams to splash in on a hot, sunny summer's day. If I had to choose either a mountain cabin or a beach house as my only vacation destination for the rest of my life, I'd be very hard pressed to choose. One is so peaceful and relaxing and calm in an isolated kind of way, the other is fun and hectic and full of vibrant life.
Well, that's what's coming up this weekend and I can't wait.
What was this past weekend was a pretty calm one all things considered. Boo is getting to be more and more of a toddler. I have yet to get this on video because I don't have any charged AA batteries and I keep forgetting to charge them. I really will, I promise. I'll even make sure to have batteries for the beach.
Last night was fun... if you're into a baby crying every 10 to 15 minutes for about 2 hours when you have to get up at 5 the next morning. We have no idea what got into Boo last night, but starting about 9, he just did not want to be in bed or stay asleep. I'm so very thankful that Gak took him and tried to comfort him and get him to settle back down, letting me to try and get some sleep. Unfortunately it didnt work over well, but I did manage and Boo did manage to finally settle down around 11:30 and stay that way.
Boo did something very cute to Gak today though. Gak was on the computer keeping an ear out while Boo was playing on his own for a bit. Next thing Gak knows is Boo has come up to him, patted him on the leg and is handing him a diaper. Boo then goes and calmly sits by the changing area waiting for his Poppa. Yes, the boy had a stinky butt and knew how to get his Poppa's attention. Our question is where did he get the diaper from. Hopefully it was one that fell down when Gak was changing him, as the open ones are all at about my eye level!

Ok, that was the cute boy story of the day. No pictures though, I've been a bad Momma and not gotten the camera out much at all.
I've got to go get the trash together and make sure the recyclables go out tonight.

Peace to all and may you have something to look forward to.

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