Tuesday, September 01, 2009

15 months!

Well, my sweet little boy is a full-fledged 15 months old today. Nope, no dragon pictures yet. He was tired boy when we got home from day care because he's either fighting a cold or allergies and only took a half hour nap at day care.
We did, however, turn his car seat around front facing on Sunday. We'd talked about doing it before, but I was happy to leave it be for the most part. His seat is rated back facing up to 35 pounds and I figured when he got to be about 30 we'd switch it. Gak convinced me otherwise even though Boo is still only about 23 lb. I'm not sure Boo has really noticed it too much. At least, he hasn't seemed more or less excited about it than usual. Could just be that he's a laid back kinda kid.
He is eating at day care, so that's a good thing. I just wish he'd eat at home. For example, today he ate half a grilled cheese sandwich at school, but Saturday threw the one I made him on the floor. And yes, I was mean momma when he started throwing it on the floor and pretty much shoved a bite in his mouth. That got him to eat another bite, but the rest went down. I know it's a power struggle, and I just don't know how to react or not react to get him to knock it off. Making a big deal of him tossing food on the floor in a disapproving voice and telling him he's not getting anything else doesn't work, and neither does completely ignoring it. *sigh* I know, he'll eat when he's hungry, but he hasn't put on any weight since his birthday (although we'll know for sure on Thursday) and well, that worries me. That and he used to be such a big eater. He's not short on calories, I know that much. He's getting the milk he needs (usually). I should just stop worrying, but I can't, I'm his momma.
Boo continues to impress me and amaze me every day. He's getting cuter and smarter and stronger by the minute. He can stack 3 blocks if he pays attention, and once even got 5 stacked before he knocked them over trying for 6. He's "talking" more and more (and looking like a badly dubbed Japanese movie). I really love this little guy and the sunshine he's brought to our lives. I couldn't imagine a world without him any more, nor do I want to try. Between him and his Poppa, I'm one very lucky lady.

In other news, remember I said something about that house at 8th and Broad, about a half block from Boo's day care. Well, I saw a sign on the door and Gak checked it out today. It's going up for Sheriff's Auction on the 9th. Now I'm really kicking myself for not looking into this house for real earlier. I also wonder what I'd need to do to get in on this auction and if I'd actually be able to secure a loan in time. Then I wake up and realize that everyone will be wanting in on this house in this market and it may not be a steal after all. And the fact that we're more or less living paycheck to paycheck as it is.
There, I said it. We're broke. And it pisses me of. I mean, I make half decent money. Gak makes more than enough to pay the utilities, his school loan and day care and still have some left over. But, I think I have about $200.00 to my name in the savings account and that's it. (Other than my 401(k) at work, but I try very hard not to think about that as "my" money... at least not yet... and this was the first quarter where I've lost less money than I've put into it in about 1.5 years now.)
Ok. I didn't mean to turn this happy post into a money rant. I just can't seem to get away from it these days. It haunts my every waking (and non-sleeping for that mater) moment. If only I could just wipe the slate clean of the money we owe for the truck and being stupid with credit, I'd free up about $600 a month. And that, my friends is the difference between renting and owning. Hopefully in less than a year I'll free up about $350 a month by paying off the truck so I can get rid of our other debt more quickly. At least I'm school loan free.

Bah, I'm going to go play with some yarn or something happy.

Peace to all and may your miracles in life continue to amaze you.

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