Thursday, July 02, 2009

Brain Melt

First things first... No, I didn't get dragon pictures yesterday. Yes, Boo turned 13 months old and it was even sunny out, but I just didn't get the photos. He was a tired, cranky boy and so I put him down in his crib for a bit. He didn't actually sleep, but he was content to just lie down for a while and unwind I think.

Now, on to other things. Like my brain melting. I've been staring at numbers all day and they're all getting a little bit blurry. There were some changes made recently to the reporting software and checking software and so, that means a lot of double checking and stuff on my end. And my brain hurts. It feels like it's about to turn into a puddle at the base of my skull. I wonder if I tilt my head to the side if it'll leak out my ear. I hope not. I need it for a while yet.

Other than being very busy and hectic here at work, it is going well. I'm not sure if I said anything, but one of my buddies who was a contractor here left at the end of last week for a permanent position. He'd only been here for a short time, but he was a good guy, who seemed to be trying hard and was fun to have around. I'll miss him. It also turns out that George, the contractor who's been here for a bit over a year now and I had doing a good bit of the training is going to be the new training manager. I'm actually pretty excited about that. Less training that I'll have to do to get him up to speed and I know he's going to do a great job at it. It doesn't become truly official for another two weeks or something like that yet, but close enough. In reality it wouldn't really happen until closer to August anyhow, with it being reporting month and all. I already told him and the rest of the group I don't care if they throw out everything I did and start from scratch. In many ways the whole training program could use that. It needs a major overhaul by a fresh set of hands with lots of new ideas. I just hope that he doesn't get bogged down and his ideas squished flat.

Well, I'd better check on the evaluation I was running while typing this. Wish me luck. This is try 3 or 4 with this set of reports.
Oh, Gak and I are heading over to the AT&T store this evening. He's getting the iPhone. I still haven't made up my mind quite yet. I like the one I was playing with last time, but I'm not sure if there aren't some other features I'd like to have as well. I know I'm not getting any kind of smart phone. I so don't need the distraction. If I was still traveling all the time, that would be a totally different story. I'd pick one up in a heartbeat. It would be a bit of a life saver really. Oh well.
I'm off... my rocker maybe, but I'm off.

Peace to all and may your brain not melt.

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