Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Where did the time go? Last I looked it was still Wednesday and I had the rest of a long week ahead of me and a weekend to look forward to. Now it's Tuesday again already. Uh.... did I blink or something?

Anyhow, I guess I should recap some of the highlights from the last week. Gak worked his butt off all week open to close. Some days were buys, some days not so much. Boo had a good week at day care. It seems he doesn't like hot dogs any better at school than he does at home. I'm lucky in the fact that if you get it into his mouth, he'll swallow it about 99% of the time.

Let's see... I know I've missed some boy milestones recently. He's using his Tonka truck that PopPop gave him for his birthday like a pro, even giving Trey a ride from time to time. He's really Mr. Squirmey when it comes to butt changes. He's drinking regular milk about half of the time in the day. I still pump in the early am most mornings and he nurses first thing and last thing (if he's awake when I leave...). At school he gets some regular milk with lunch and bottles of momma milk in the afternoon. He's also started eating shredded cheese all by itself. I'd tried to get him to eat it before, but suddenly Saturday night he decided he did like it. He's up to 4 teeth up top... and maybe a molar coming in back, but I really don't know. He really hates it when I stick my fingers in his mouth.

On Saturday our friend Chris was having a yard sale. I took over a ton of clothes Boo couldn't fit in any more. Yes, I kept several things back for me, but I still had tons to take. The biggest news of the day was watching Boo put an entire strawberry in his mouth and chew it up. That boy loves his strawberries! I made one whole sale for a quarter. I blame the advertising, Dianne forgot to put the baby stuff in the listing. Oh well. It all went to Goodwill after. I promised myself that none of it would be coming back into the house. We've got enough crap clogging up the spaces.

Other than that, a low key weekend. We wandered around a bit. We had to replace Boo's copy of "Very Hungry Caterpillar" as it finally broke in two. Sorry Becca, I think... but it just goes to show how much he loves that book! We also shopped phones some more. It looks like Gak is going to get the iPhone and just give me the extra for the data plan. I've decided an iPone is a very bad idea for me... especially at work.

In other news, Boo got us all sick. He had a bit of a cold over the weekend and yesterday, Gak and I both came down with it hard. I have a doctor's appointment this morning for my allergies and asthma, so that's all good. I also plan on talking to her about my foot because I've had an "ow" issue for a while now and should probably get it poked at. And maybe I can talk to her about my sleep, or lack there of... I can get to sleep just fine, but staying that way for more than an hour or two at a shot hasn't happened much in a very long time. It's not Boo related, he's been sleeping through since he was about 10 weeks old... that's almost a year ago now! (Eep! When did that happen????)

Anyhow, I'd better pay attention to my boy. He's trying to steal the mouse again. Oh, there are new pictures up on Flickr.

Peace to all and may time not disappear on you.

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