Monday, June 08, 2009

Hi-ho, Hi-ho It's Back to Work We Go!

Ok, Ok... lame title but it's the best I could come up with.
We're finally beginning to get back onto a bit of our normal schedule again. Boo has started eating again, which is a good thing. I think I said Thursday (?) that he had a blood draw to check his iron and any lead levels. Well, the iron came back a little low. The doctor just suggested making sure he gets more iron in his diet. I'm guessing the problem stemmed from him not eating well much of the last week in general and the fact that somehow we'd managed to all but cut out his cereal. You don't realize how much iron is in fortified cereal until you actually read the box! Just one serving should ensure he's getting enough iron with everything else he eats, especially if he keeps downing the mini-burgers I made him. (I made my almost normal meatloaf and made it into chicken nugget sized burgers for him. They're already cooked and whoever is giving him lunch or dinner just has to warm them up a bit. He downed two for GrammaSue today for about 1.5 oz of beef.)
I can tell he'd been suffering from a serious lack of schedule. His nap times have been all over the place and his eating was way off. He's started nursing again for the most part... there are some times he refuses, but I think it's more tired than anything. I almost couldn't keep him from nursing yesterday actually. I think he was making up for lost time. We have started giving him normal whole milk, but right now only mixed with cereal. Probably by the end of the week we'll start giving him some in a cup to see how he likes it "plain". He loves yogurt and ice cream, likes cheese as long as it's melted in something and will gladly take the whip cream (and strawberries) off my spoon. I hope this is an easy transition. I don't want to give up nursing, but I'll be glad to give up pumping. I also don't want this to turn into an emergency if I have to go on a trip and we run out of milk in the freezer. We'll see, I'm trying to take my cues from Boo as much as possible, but he's a fickle one-year-old and doesn't quite know what he wants moment to moment at times. (Not like I'm much better some days...)

Anyhow, that pretty much wraps up the Boo update. He's doing great, going 100+ miles per hour and growing like a weed. He will never cease to amaze me.

Saturday we managed to get Nana to the airport with little hassle and little traffic. That is a good thing. As much as I enjoyed having her visit, I don't enjoy Philly traffic and avoid it if at all possible. I'm glad she was able to come up for her grandson's birthday and get to spend so much time with him. I wish we'd been able to do some more things out and about, but that's OK.

I went back to work Thursday. Like I posted then, I think things are going to work out and while I really do need to make sure my resume is in order, it's not an emergency any more. Everything still isn't finalized, so, like I said Thursday, I'm not going to say much more unless I jinx it.
Everything has been going well though. The department as a whole is doing well and I'm beginning to enjoy the work again. I think it might have something to do with the daylight I see poking through the thunderheads that were looming and not a tornado. It's amazing what a little bit of positive can do to your attitude as a whole. Just before I left the office for Memorial Day I was complaining that my attitude sucked and I just couldn't see a way to get myself out of it and back on track where I need to be in order to kick some serious butt and prove that I am worthy of my job and find a solution that will benefit everyone involved. (I truly think we found it... at least no one will truly suffer for it... well, I still might for a bit... there are a few things I'm on the "wait and see" team with and have my fingers crossed and I'm trying not to over-think or panic about...)
It really is amazing how much you can get done when your attitude isn't all doom and gloom and "why me??" and "this sucks". It's also amazing how much better you feel as a whole when your attitude isn't in the depths of hell. No, I don't think I suffer from depression, since I can and have gotten myself out of it, but after the last few months at work, I feel even more so for those that do. (I've seen that monster up close and personal attacking some very near and dear people to me. I'm sorry guys, but that's as close as I ever want to get. It's hard enough trying to help you fight the monsters from the outside...)

This is turning into a very disorganized and fragmented post. Oh well, I've got several days to ponder and you should all know by now that I can't think in a straight line if you paid me to. Maybe that's why I'm good at what I do? Who knows.... I surely don't!

This weekend was a good, if busy one. Boo and I dropped Nana off at the airport Saturday early afternoon. We'd gone to the dinner first for lunch, brunch really, and that was nice. Boo actually ate about 1/3 of a scrambled egg. He won't pick it up to eat it and will eat at least some off a spoon for me, but not much. Since I had about an hour to kill between when I'd get home and when Gak got off work, I made a slight detour to IKEA. I'm constantly amazed at what I can get there for so little. I got an entire shopping bag (and the bag itself) full of things for just under $25. I got some kitchen tools, new kitchen towels (mine are constantly in the wash due to baby-face wipes and are getting a little dingy...) new mats for the bathroom and some other odds and ends. I went there on a scouting mission. Gak's chair is about to fall apart. At the end of this month he's got almost two full weeks of working open to close. He's going to take a bit of that extra money and splurge on a new chair. I'm impressed, he's had this one about 3 or 4 years now. At one point he went through at least 2 chairs in the space of a year. (Hey, he's a big guy and he sits in his desk chair a lot and leans back in it... not the easiest thing on chairs... it's also hard to find one that's comfortable for him in the first place!) I also found a neat "high" chair for Boo. I didn't buy it because I am short on money this week. It's really nice, it'll slide right under the table so he can sit with us big people and it folds up for easy transport and storage. Because, like it or not, his Bumbo is getting too small. I'll miss that little seat of his. He's had it since he was about 10 weeks old.

One last random bit. (And no, I have no segue for anything tonight...)
My brother and Becca left for Oz yesterday. Becca's foot is a lot better and they're hoping to get in a good bit of the walking that they originally had wanted to. We will see. I just hope they take plenty of time to rest and relax as well. (Of course, I'd be right there with them wanting to hike everywhere and see everything and just go go go!) I hope they enjoy their trip. They've got some house hunting appointments when they get back. They didn't get the one they'd put an offer in on, which is a bummer.

Well, Gak just walked in from Warhammer and it's now just past 9. I guess I'd better wrap this up and go curl up with my book for a few before I crash.

Peace to all and may your outlook be bright.

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