Monday, June 22, 2009

Belated Father's Day

This was a good and busy weekend. It's going to be a very long week for poor Gak (and Boo too... since he'll be at day care all day all week, including today.)
Saturday was a little busy, but not much. We ran some errands and had a good day overall after Gak got off work. It was mostly a normal Saturday, with sill more rain. (Can I tell you how sick I am of rain?? Really, I thought I was sick of it before, but nope... that was nothing.)

Yesterday was the busy part of the weekend. We got a nice early start to the day by heading down to Ikea. We got there a little before 10, but that's OK. They were giving free breakfasts to dads in the cafe, so we took them up on the offer. (I had a piece of their yummy apple cake for breakfast.) We were there to look at and/or buy a couple of things. Well, we got everything that was on our list and only one or two small things that weren't. I call that a successful trip, as opposed to my last trip where I went to look and spent money anyhow.
We got Boo a new high chair. Yes, he already has one, but it's way too big to put into the kitchen and we just don't use the dining room table that often. This one is much more compact, doesn't have it's own tray and is designed to just pull up to the table. It fits great, folds up to get out of the way if needed and looks good too.
The other thing we were looking at was a new desk chair for Gak. He's a big boy and hard on chairs. He's had this one just about 4 years now and well, if he sneezes funny I think it'll fall apart around him. We were originally going to just look and pick something up in a few weeks when Gak gets a nice paycheck after this loooooong week. Well, he found a chair that he really liked and it was on sale for $60 instead of $80. That worked for us. It turns out it was his Father's day gift. Because, as usual, I'm lame and late about getting gifts. (I was going to do it last Monday, but my little boy wasn't about to cooperate in the slightest.)

As if our Ikea adventures weren't enough, we then headed further down to my parents'. You see, PopPop's one request was to see his grandson on Father's day. We had sandwiches for lunch and just hung out for a bit. Gak and I escaped to the book store and Trader Joe's (I wish we had one of those up here!) for a little bit. The only down part of the day was the off and on rain in the morning and the fact that one very tired little boy decided he did not want to nap. He did very well though. We ended up staying for dinner and then came home.
Oh, side note, never go through the Drive Through at Dairy Queen here in Quakertown. (Either that or always, always, always check your bag!) The store is good at messing up orders to begin with. But last night, we wanted some ice cream and had a sleeping boy, so stopping at Rita's was out. I got a sunday and Gak got a large Blizzard. Well, when we get home we find out that he got the right flavor, but not the right size. The Blizzard in the bag was a small. Funny, that's not a large.

Well, I've got a boy wanting attention and work to get ready for.

Peace to all and may your weekends be good, your families happy and your ice cream right.

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