Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cranky But Good

Let’s see here…. Where to begin?  Needless to say it has been an eventful few days around here.

Nana’s visit is slowly drawing to a close.  She will be heading back to Oklahoma on Saturday.  It’s been good for her to get so much time with Boo this past week.  I know it she has enjoyed it.

We kept Monday pretty low-key as Boo was exhausted after the party on Sunday and not taking long enough naps.

Tuesday was yet another full day for the boy.  It started off with a visit to the doctor in the morning.  He’s been moving and grooving so much more lately that he actually lost about 6 oz from his last visit a few weeks ago and was down to 21 lb, 2 oz.  Still, not too shabby considering he was only 8 lb even just one year ago!  He grew 9 inches this past year and is now 29.5 inches tall.  He’s my growing boy!  He was tired and fussy through the whole ordeal and really didn’t enjoy getting his three shots.

But the day wasn’t over then!  Not by a long shot.  After getting him home and fed he went down for a good nap.  GrammaSue came up and it was then bath time for the boy and a trip to get pictures done.  As always I bought too many.  I know I get them all on CD, so why do I get as many as I do?  There are two poses I’m thinking I could have done without purchasing and one that I’m only half in love with now.  Oh well, that’s OK.  I’ve got plenty of wallet size and some others to send off to friends and family.  As always, not enough of the right size of the one I really love.  Anyhow, some of you far-flung readers (all three of you) should be looking for little notes in the mail soon.  (That is, as soon as I get off my butt and get them together and Gak remembers to take them to work with him…

Overall, Tuesday was a good day.

Yesterday we had Mr. Cranky boy.  He was tired.  He’s been on a nursing strike for the most part since Sunday or Monday.  I think his teeth are bothering him.  He’s also on a bit of an eating strike… or maybe just wanting “comfort” food.  I really don’t know what’s going through that little head of his most days.  He napped a lot yesterday.  He also had blood drawn.  His doctor likes to run iron and led tests on the one-year-olds.  Not a big deal really, as he’s a “good bleeder” like his Momma.  The problem was that he was clutching Trey in a death grip with his left hand that they used his right pointer finger to do the draw.  Unfortunately, this is one of the two fingers he always sucks on for comfort.  He did settle down quite quickly though, which is a good thing.  He did nap a good bit yesterday, which is both a blessing and a curse.

It seems that most kids finally learn to sleep through the night by the time they’re one.  Ours, on the other hand, turned one and has forgotten how to sleep through.  (Either that or it’s teeth… I’m hoping it’s just teeth and this is just a phase we’ll have to go through.)  Last night starting around midnight he was up every few hours being a little fussy, sometimes going back to sleep in a minute or two, sometimes screaming his fool head off until we got him up.  But don’t try and nurse him, oh no, that makes it even worse.  He may eat something for you, but he doesn’t want his teether to chew on.  And he doesn’t want down, but he doesn’t want to be held either.  We finally got him to go to sleep for real around 6am after his last wakeup around 4:30.  I crash for about an hour and then rush to get out the door to work.  Poor Gak was pretty zonked too.  I just hope tonight isn’t a repeat of last night.  Oh well, he’ll only be at this age and stage once in his life.

Today and tomorrow Nana is watching Boo in the afternoon while both Gak and I are at work.  I hope he doesn’t run her too ragged.  We’ll see when I get home in a little bit.


Speaking of work, things seem to be going in the right direction.  I’ll have more info in a few days and hopefully positive results in a few weeks.  We shall see.  I don’t want to say too much more at the moment, lest I jinx something.


And can I tell you how jealous I am of Jon and Becca?  They’re going down to Australia for 2 weeks or so.  Becca’s brother is getting married down there to his Australian bride (they’ve been splitting time between the US and Aus for a couple of years now…).  I so wish I were able to take the family on a trip like that.  Unfortunately though, Becca is still recovering from a fracture to her right foot.  This means most of the hiking and climbing she wanted to do is out.  That really stinks in my opinion.  Oh well, I’m sure they’ll find plenty of fun and interesting things to do and see while they’re there that won’t involve so much walking.


Well, I’d better get a few more things cleaned up before I head home.  I hope the boy (and Nana) have had a good afternoon.


Peace to all and may your teeth not hurt and the days be good.

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Jon said...

Becca got the walking boot taken off yesterday! She's back to walking around in normal shoes and needs to build up the muscle strength, but we've already booked a few nature walks and even a climbing of the Sydney Harbour bridge!