Monday, June 15, 2009

Katchup Eddition

Oops. Looks like I fell off the planet again. It was an action filled couple of days.
All in a good way, don't worry. No ER trips or sick kiddos or anything like that. Nope, just good old busy.

Friday was our company picnic. We all had our doubts about the weather, but Dave said he ordered sunshine for noon, and sure enough, right about noon the sun came out and decided to stay out. I think it was just about the best day we've had in about a week or so! Anyhow, the picture at the top is from the picnic.
Family wasn't invited this year and it wasn't catered. I wish families had been invited, it is so much more fun that way (that and it gives me an excuse to go pick up my boy and spend the entire afternoon together). I like that we did it ourselves this year. Everyone brings so much food even if they don't sign up and there is such a variety it's all good. (That and I'm sure it cost us a good bit less... although we've been self-funding our activities committee with a semi-weekly 50/50 drawing... which is fun in and of itself...) I ended up being drafted as photographer since I was the only one who had a working camera. The activities committee person who was doing it had her camera die about half an hour in. Not dead batteries die, refuse to work die. That's sad.

Anyhow, Saturday we went on a Quest. It was mostly a fruitless Quest, but it was a Quest none the less. You see, we're in search of just a cabinet door. Why, do you ask. Well, it's because little fingers find Dadda's computer way too interesting. The desks we have are great with a nice open shelf area for the computer. It is also just the right size to close off the front (without affecting the computer's access to air in general) with a door. This door can then be latched when little fingers are awake and active. But, unfortunately, most places sell whole cabinets, not just replacement doors. We were given a web site to check out (which I almost remember, but I'm sure a quick Google search will set right...) and that was about it. I'm also going to check with a friend that just might have one lurking about with all the odds and ends that he's got.

Anyhow, after that fruitless search, we ended up heading south to Babies R Us (on another fruitless Quest... for new sandals for Boo... he ditched one on the ride to day care the other day....) We did pick up diapers and a few other needed things. We also did some phone shopping. Our phones can be replaced next month and as neither Gak nor I are very happy with the quality of the ones we have... we're looking. We're sticking with AT&T since all the plans I looked at cost about the same and if we switch carriers we've got to wait until January. And no, we can't afford iPhones and the data plan to go with them. (If anyone out there is using AT&T without a data plan and has suggestions for phones... let me know!)
We did have a successful trip to Toys R Us though. We got Boo a new boat (er... ship if you ask Gak... even though it's just a small fishing boat...) He also got a new wooden race car that was on sale and a DVD that has 4 or 5 Eric Carle stories on it, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It's cute. All of this was thanks to Aunt Andy's birthday money for the boy. He's still got a little more to spend, but I may just tuck it into his savings. And yes, the boat is just as interesting now that we've got it home and he's taken it into the tub. I'll try and get pictures next bath time.

Yesterday was mostly low-key. We went to lunch at Red Robbin (we've got to stop doing that... financially and calorie-wise....) We then went to Target and finally found sandals for the boy. (I hadn't found any there earlier in the week and ended up getting him a pair of sneakers to keep at school....) We also found a few other odds and ends. We tried the new grocery store that just opened up there, Aldi. It's a little hit or miss. The prices are all dirt cheep, but the quality in many cases matches. I mean, I could get a gallon of ice cream for under $2, but if you read the ingredients list, no thanks! I'll stick to Bryers, I can pronounce all of their ingredients.

Anyhow, I'm now just about running late for work. I have a love/hate relationship with this 7am start. I'd best get dressed and out the door.

Peace to you all and may you have good adventures.
We di

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