Thursday, June 18, 2009

Odd Assortment

Well, it's Thursday already. I haven't really posted because, well, there isn't much to post.
I do have some work rants, but I think I'll sit on most of them for a bit. There's no use getting pissy over some of these things, they're just annoyances that will be dealt with. I will say, though, that there hasn't been any kind of transition yet. *sigh* But, on a good note, we have been at or below the 100 service request mark for over a week now. That's really pretty impressive considering we've had two people out all week and two others who were each out a day. It'll spike in a week or so when we create a bunch of requests for contract reporting stuff, but they'll be closed pretty quick. Here's hoping we can end July around the same number we start it. (Yes, I'm already looking at July and we're just barely over halfway through June... July will be here before I can turn around three times.)

Gak will be working open to close starting Friday through next Saturday. That's going to be an ug and a half. It'll be horribly long hours and Boo will be in full day daycare (although, I really don't think he minds too much...) for 5 days running. Yep, that's right, he'll be in all day on Monday because GrammaSue gets to go to the beach and visit some friends that are up from Georgia. How I wish I could take the day off and go with her; not only to get to go to the beach (I haven't been since I was in St. Croix) but because I haven't seen these people in quite some time and it would be nice to see them again. But, I can't. I don't have the days to spare. *sigh* again.

Boo is thriving and growing like a weed. He's back to eating about twice as much as Zoe, who's 8. Then again, we're lucky to get Zoe to eat much of anything. I can count the girl's ribs... that's just not right. It's not her mom's fault, Kat tries like crazy to get her to eat... Zoe just doesn't want to eat. Aargh.
Anyhow, back to Boo. He's getting stronger and stronger each day. He's beginning to figure out how to stack things. He was successfully in stacking a few blocks for Gak yesterday. He's also becoming more and more attached to Trey. Especially if he's having an off day. Yesterday when Gak went to take his plate back to the kitchen after lunch, he nearly had a heart attack. All of a sudden Boo let out this tremendous scream. All Gak could think of was "oh, no! He got into the fan!" (The fan in his room has vents too close together for him to actually get his fingers into... but you never know.) No, it just turns out that Trey was in the crib, Boo was out of the crib and couldn't get Trey out as well. (Boo hadn't started out in the crib... he's not climbing quite yet...)

Anyhow, I think this is enough rambling for now. I'm still jealous of my brother and Becca while they're in Australia. We've got a busy weekend planned though. Saturday Gak works. Then we might just go phone browsing again. Sunday we're heading down to Ikea in the morning and then to GrammaSue and PopPop's for lunch. PopPop has decided that for Father's Day he wants to take his grandson to the park and the playground near their house. Who am I to argue?

Anyhow, I'm off. Peace to all and may your weeks be drama free and your weekends fun.

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