Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Cranky Boy

I must apologize for being a bad blogger ratling. I haven't really updated in almost a week.
The only excuse I have is that work has left me too drained.
Why am I writing this at 11:00 at night? Shouldn't I be in bed.
Yes, yes I should be.
But, my son, love of my life, isn't letting me.
I have so many good things to say... like the fact that my friend from Jr/Sr high Cybele found me earlier this week. She'd been looking for me for quite some time, but since my name changed when I got married, I've been hard to track down. She finally tracked down my parents at their shop. We've had a few email conversations. She's back in country (she's done all kinds of really cool things since we last talked) and is moving down to the DC area. Unfortunately, she's leaving in the morning and we didn't get a chance to catch up face to face yet. Hopefully after she settles in a bit, we'll make a day trip down.

Back to why I'm writing at 11pm instead of blissfully sleeping.
My boy has had one of the worst days in his little life. And I can't figure out why.
He hasn't slept well in a few nights and was a bit cranky at school the last few days. Saturday was mostly a good day. (I had some adventures, but I guess that'll have to wait....) But this morning he just wasn't eating much and sounding very rough.
Well, all hell broke loose after his 1:00 nap. He woke up on the far side of the wrong side of the crib. He was OK for a little bit, but then just melted down into a screaming puddle. And I mean screaming at the top of his lungs puddle. That was eventually solved by a 2 hour car ride. The afternoon was OK then for a bit, but then he randomly decided to melt into screaming fits in the middle of playing with blocks. We'd been building and knocking down towers for a bit, but suddenly after knocking one down, he dissolves into screams. None of the blocks hit him.... nothing was different about that tower than the previous 5...
I then put him in the stroller to walk to the park. He was quiet boy in his stroller, but we didn't get to swing because the thunder started right as we got there. He went down for another nap and woke up almost normal an hour or so later. He didn't want to eat all day. He didn't want to play, be held, drink, nurse, and barely wanted anything to do with Trey.
We went for another walk after dinner, with Chris and Dianne this time, and he was good then. (I had dosed him with a half dose of Benedryl, since his doctor had suggested it one time when his cough was pretty bad before. I have no idea if I mentioned this earlier in the post, but he's had a rattly, icky cough all day, but no fever or any other indication he's not well other than his general piss poor attitude.) He played quietly and a little sullenly for about a half hour after we got home, then he melted again. He went to bed with a bit of fuss (and no nursing) and was asleep by 8.
Then, at about 10 he woke... and 10:15, and 10:30... then at 10:45 and 10:50. Nothing worked. I put him down at 10:55 and told him, tough, you'll have to scream for 5 minutes. (I did intend on going back in, but I started this post...) It is now 11:15 and I think he just fell asleep again. Nope, there go the fusses. He's soooo tired. Well, I'm about to go plop him in the car seat and drive halfway across creation again I think.
Gods above I love my boy, but right about now.... I'm not too fond of him.

Peace to all and may someone I know be getting sleep tonight!

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