Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mel-volus weekend

(Yes, I know the title is silly... what do you expect?)
Anyhow, this has been a very nice weekend. Even though Mel was here, it was fairly low-key. Gak worked Saturday and I did laundry, pretty much normal routine around here. After work Gak and I did a quick tour of the Q-mart and picked up some new comics and a "fat pack" from the Magic 2010 core set that came out. Mostly I figured we were eventually going to pick up 8 or so boosters between us and it had a nice rules insert and card list. Joan was running late (and this is new how?) so Mel didn't get dropped off until around 5:30 or so.
Ant wanted to make sure to show me some things in City of Heroes. (In case I didn't mention it earlier in the week, Gak and I are going through a 2-week trial.) I'm still not sold on the game. I like the concept a lot, the "classes" seem pretty cool, but the controls, quite frankly, are driving me up a stinking wall. A very tall wall. They are almost completely backwards from what I'm used to in EQII. I'm just not sure I can get over it.
Anyhow, back to the weekend. The four of us go out for a pizza. Actually, three of us had pizza and a boy had a grilled cheese. (Just like his Momma, grilled cheese is one of those things that about 95% of the time you'll know he'll eat.) After that it was bedtime for the boy and Gak and I showed off EQII to Mel.
This morning Mel had a nice bit of a lie in (at least to us she slept in... I, however, didn't sleep well at all last night, so was out of bed by 6.) We had a late breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon. Everyone thought it was quite yummy. After that Boo and Mel played with blocks, stacking and unstacking. Mel did most of the stacking and Boo the unstacking.
While Boo took his "morning" nap (he went down around 10:30 or 11) we played around on EQII a bit and Mel read a bit. She's like me in that respect... you've got to use a crowbar to get her nose out of a book some times. Not that I'm complaining, not enough people (younger than oh... 50) like to read. The only times I'll complain is when food is on the table of if homework isn't done yet. You've got to put the book down long enough to be part of the meal. Then you can feel free to dive right back in. Unfortunately, trying to get me to do my "real" homework instead of reading whatever book had my interest at the moment was a loosing battle.
Again, enough of the side track... back to the main story. (Yes, I'm having focus issues this evening..) Anyhow... Mel agreed to watch Boo for us so Gak and I could actually go to the movies. We actually went and saw Harry Potter this afternoon. It was perfect timing, we were leaving for the movies right when Boo wanted to go down for his afternoon nap. Gak and I enjoyed the movie very much. Knowing the story didn't make parts of it any easier. Several things were cut out that possibly needed to be left in. Some things were put in, that may or may not really affect the story too much. No, it wasn't letter perfect to the book, but no movie from a book ever is, even the wonderful Lord of the Rings trilogy.
After the movies we came home, picked up the kids and had dinner at Red Robin. It was enjoyed by everyone. Boo at most of his hamburger and a couple of fries. He also drank about half of his watered down lemonade. After dinner it was a quick trip to the grocery store and bedtime for a boy.
So, while overall we didn't do a whole lot, it was still a good weekend. Mel goes to her grandmother's tomorrow at some point, either before or after dinner. She'll decide tomorrow. GrammaSue, Boo and I are having dinner over at the Duck's, Mel is welcome to join us, but it's her choice.

Anyhow, that's about where things are at. I don't want to go to work in the morning, but that's only because it's getting to be the end of reporting month and our service ticket number is still going up instead of coming back down. None of us are very happy about that thought. If anything, this one is tougher than April and that was when everyone had to switch to the new format. Of course, now you're dealing with 2 quarters of data and totals and all that fun stuff. It hasn't made for a pleasant month at any rate. I'll probably be bringing the computer home a couple of evenings this week and putting in an hour or two at home. Sounds like fun, right?
I'm off to do a few things before bed. I've got to be out the door by 6:30 since it's a Monday. I hope everyone else had a good weekend too.

Peace to all and may your weekends be good and family time fun.

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