Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Busy!

Well, the weekend was quite a success. Saturday I had a very tired boy in the morning, so instead of doing the laundry, we stayed home and let Poppa drive himself in and back. I think Boo went back to sleep around 8:30 (he'd gotten up around 7 originally) and didn't wake up again until 11 or 11:30! I told you I had a tired boy!
Amazingly enough, I actually took a good bit of that time to do something productive. Yes, I didn't just let the computer drag me into the depths of the Internet and let me loose myself for a couple of hours. I managed to break free and actually clean about half of our bedroom. Well, maybe not clean because things didn't get dusted or swept, but wow. I pulled an entire (kitchen sized) trash bag of trash out of there! I found a handful of socks that were trying to search for their mate on the sewing table. I even found the floor beside my bed! And there are only 2 crochet projects sitting there, looking lost and forlorn without my attention. The sewing table is all but cleared off, just a door hanging that I've been working on since last March and a pair of pants of Gak's that needs a button. (I think they've been sitting there for a year now.... eep!)
I'm quite proud of myself really. And quite dismayed. I know I'm not the neatest person on the planet, but this was horrible even for me. Ugh!
Anyhow, I did succumb to the mind-numbing powers of the Internet later that afternoon when Boo went down for his second marathon nap after lunch. Oh well, I did get something accomplished at any rate.
Saturday night was fun for everyone. Or at least I'm guessing it was fun for Boo by the amount of Kat's back yard that he accumulated on his knees and legs and feet. We left him over there around 5:30 and headed to the Tikki Bar for Norm's birthday. Several other couples were supposed to join Barb, Norm and us there. Well, everyone else was a no-show. That's OK. We had a nice chance to catch up and even though it was low-key, it was fun. When we went to pick up Boo, he was fast asleep in his pack-n-play and dirty from head to toe. I actually love to see my boy dirty. It means he was exploring the world. Kat said he was very good and even seemed to enjoy when Scott and Zoe were setting off fireworks in the back yard. I'm sure he did. He probably was trying to figure it all out and then some. He's such a curious little boy.

Sunday was going to be low key. But... since I hadn't done laundry the day before, it got added to the list of things to do. Mid-morning, shortly before Boo's nap time, I headed out to do laundry and grocery shopping while the wash was in the dryers. After lunch, we headed over to the Q-mart to do a people watching lap and then went up to BJ's. Yet again, I didn't escape without spending $200. (I only spent $206 this time...) I would have been under, except I found a set of ink for my printer for $60, and since I need ink soon and doubt I can get it any cheaper from Staples, I went ahead and picked it up. I was also going to try and get a Target trip in, but we were all tired and cranky by the end of the day and that didn't happen. Since Boo didn't really nap much in the car in the afternoon, he was down and out for the count by 6:30. (Oh, random side note... at least one molar came in within the last week or so...)

Gak and I are in the middle of a 2-week trial of City of Heroes. Joan really, really, really wants us to play. I like the concept. The game play itself seems pretty good. On the other hand, the controls stink. I hate having to use keys to navigate. I've been spoiled by the way EQII does things. You drive with the mouse, press one button to look around, press two buttons to run. You run in the direction you're looking and up and down make sense. I have yet to get the CoH controls to work well for me. We will see, but if I can't manage to get the controls under control, it may just be a deal breaker.

And speaking of Joan... I get to have Melanie for the weekend! She's coming to stay with us Saturday through Monday. Yep, this means she gets to spend the afternoon with GrammaSue on Monday. Monday evening I'll take her over to Cheryl's house. I already told her I had an ulterior motive for having her over... I told her that one evening or afternoon I wanted her to watch Boo for a few hours so Gak and I can escape to the movies. She'd volunteered before, so it wasn't a big surprise. She doesn't care, she is very excited to spend time with me, and GrammaSue. I can clearly remember a 6-year-old Mel happily exclaiming that I'm her favorite Aunt. Well, I hate to say it, but she may just be my favorite niece. (Of course, I love all of them, but differently... and she is the oldest after all....)

Anyhow, we've been having phone issues all morning (and now afternoon) here at work. It's been nice and quiet, but a real headache in getting work done. This is the worst possible time of one of the worst possible months for this to happen. I mean, our contract reports are due tomorrow and we're dead in the middle of reporting month. AARGH.
Speaking of work though, I must get going... I've been writing for a while and I've got a meeting in 10 minutes.

Peace to all and may your phones work, your weekends rock and your friends be close.

p.s. If you haven't noticed, I put a few more pictures up on Flickr.

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