Monday, November 03, 2008

5 Months and a Few Days Late...

Saturday Boo turned 5 months old!  Can you believe how fast time has just flown past?  I can't.  I do know Boo is getting cuter by the minute.  And much more active.
Let's see... what can he do now?  He can grab his feet and try and pull off his socks.  (We need to get some booties or "shoes" or something... it's getting too cold for just socks....)  He can roll about halfway over from his back getting just about to his side.  He just can't quite get past that final push.  That's OK.  I'm sure this time next month I'll be complaining he won't stop rolling around!  He talks a lot.  He raspberries all the time.  He's got this adorable little giggle that makes me laugh and smile when I hear it.  (It's one of the best cures for "work blues" ever!)
We haven't started solids yet, but we probably will within the next few weeks.  He doesn't seem any more hungry than usual for me, but GrammaSue's been feeding him more on Mondays.  We don't have any teeth yet and it doesn't look like any are due soon.  Yes, he's drooling more and more each day, but that's the only indication.  I just think it is normal baby drool.
He did have a bit of a cold this weekend.  He was quite snotty and had a bit of a cough.  And he slept.  A lot.
We don't like time changes either.  He "slept in" yesterday, but it was really only about a half hour past his normal wake up time.  He just couldn't get into the rhythm of the day yesterday.  He was a bit cranky, a bit snuffy and just not his normal happy self.  I hope that'll pass soon.  I like my happy baby.

We did do "Trick or Treat" on Friday evening.  We went over to Kat's house and we all went to about 5 or 6 houses.  Zoe was a cheerleader this year and very cute.  She was also a bit trying.  I think it was just a little late for her and a little more chaotic than usual.  Boo did very well.  He stayed up quite a bit passed his bed time with no fussiness and was just plain cute.  (It did help that he was in the stroller with his blankie and it was a fairly warm night...)

Anyhow, I'm off to get dressed for work.  Enjoy the 5-month dragon photo shoot.  Is he getting big or what??  (Just for comparison... here's one of the first dragon photos...)

Peace to all and may time not pass you by.

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