Sunday, November 30, 2008

And the Party Continues

First off... Happy Birthday Aunt Abi!!!  Yep, my friend Abi has her birthday today.  She too is old.  She's exactly 1 year, 51 weeks older than I am.  If you remember how old I just turned, then you can figure out her age.  I won't tell you directly, because that's not nice. *grin*.
Anyhow, last night was a good night.  We got to Kat's right about on time.  Unfortunately, Uncle Andy was running a little late, so that made us a little late.  So, dinner was a bit hurried.  That's OK, I was more interested in the show anyhow.
Did I mention that there was an earlier TSO show and a Tina Turner show at 8 as well?  Did I mention that traffic around the sports complex sucks when there's only one event going on?  I'm glad I wasn't driving.  (I always seem to get turned around and not where I want to go down there... even following the hordes...)  I do feel for Kat though.  She was driving.  A stick-shift old Jeep.  In heels.  Nope, not fun.  So, we end up getting into the Wachovia Center right at 8:30.  The show was supposed to start at 8, but they held it until 8:30.  This means we missed the intro and the first two songs by the time we made a really quick pit stop and found our seats.
All the way up in nosebleed territory.  We were about as far to stage left as you could go and still be in front of the stage.  Our seats would have been great, about 3 sections to our right.  Oh well.  That's what I get for waiting until the last moment to buy them and not be able to afford "good" tickets.  Kat was expecting to sit up in the rafters with us.  But she was lucky enough to actually win tickets from WMGK.  So, she and Scott got to sit 3rd row, almost center.
Yes, I thought about calling her all kinds of nasty names.
Then I realized that if anyone deserves something cool like that this year, it's her.  She's gone through a pile of it the last year or two, so this was nice for her.
I'm still jealous though.
Anyhow, the show went until just about 11.  No, I don't have any pictures because I left my camera in Boo's room.  Not that any of them would have turned out.  (Kat did get some great ones though....)  It was even more rocking than the last time I got to see them.  They had lots and lots of pyro this year.  I mean, we could feel the heat from them at times all the way up where we were!  At one point Gak leaned over to me and said "I gave up counting lighting cues..." in a very awed tone of voice.  That's what I get for marrying a theater tech.  I wish we lived closer or could afford a second car or something so he could actually get a job doing things like that.  He'd love to be doing that again.  And he's good at it.  *Sigh*
We got home and crawled into bed at just about 1:30.  Mom was all but conked out on the sofa and Boo opened his eyes to look at me as I walked through his room, but went back to sleep right away.  I'd love to say I slept like a log, but as always after a late night, I slept like crap.  Oh well.  Hopefully Boo will be a happy little boy today and I won't have to have too stressful a day.
I finally got the pictures from the weekend uploaded to Flickr.  Enjoy!  As I'm sure you'll see, we had a good time.
Well, I'm off to find something quiet to do while my boys sleep for a bit.
Peace to all and may your holidays be fun and family filled!

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