Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted!

Have you?
Today Gak and I introduced Boo to something very important.  We took him to his first election.  That's right.  Gak and I managed to get out of the house at just about 7 and after a short 45 minute wait, cast our votes.
Boo woke up at just about 6, happy and content.  Therefore, we decided to make this a family affair and all go at once, instead of Gak going later on his way to work.  Boo did very well waiting in line once we picked him up out of his stroller.
The line wasn't all that long.  One of the two machines wasn't working right though.  And if you listened to the lady a few people back, this whole thing was such an inconvenience.  Well fooey on her.
On my way into the office I had the radio on.  Mayor Nutter of Philly called in to encourage everyone to vote.  He did say "you know I'm a Democrat and I support Obama, but just get out and vote."  Well, that's an almost direct quote.  He's right, I don't care who you're going to vote for, just go vote.  Of course, I'd like it if  you voted my way, but I know some of you won't.  I'm fine with that.  I  voted so now I have the ultimate American privilege.
I get to bitch about it.
That's right, by voting I have ensured that I can bitch and complain about the state of things all I want.  I made my voice heard in the official way, so now I can complain and know that I did my best to get things to go my way.  In my opinion if you don't care enough to vote, you shouldn't complain about the way things turn out.  If you did vote and you don't like the results, then complain away!

Anyhow, back off my soap box.
Go, vote... you'll feel better about it.

Oh, were you expecting me to tell you who I voted for?
Guess again.  My vote is my business...
Now go make your own decision!

Peace to all and may the lines move quickly.

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