Friday, November 07, 2008

Shoes! (And Other Things)

My boy now has his first pair of Chucks.  Yes, they make Converse Chuck Taylors in infant sizes.  I love them.  They're super cute, super soft and look like they should hold up well.  (I do need to get longer laces so I can double-knot them.  This picture was taken off the web site.)
No, he can't wear them quite yet.  I could only find them in a size 3 at BabiesRUs yesterday.  I did, however, find a very cute pair of brown "sneakers" in size 2 that do fit.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me when we went to pick up Gak from work and I first put them on him and by the time we got home, he was too tired and cranky for good picture taking.  I hope to get pictures soon.  (Although, he was super cute in his outfit yesterday, his brown pants, matching raccoon T-shirt and the brown sneaks... He really is too adorable for words.)
I'd been thinking for a couple of weeks that Boo needs some kind of shoe, or at least something more than just socks.  We're heading into cold weather and well, socks just won't cut it.  He also doesn't get any traction at all with just his socks when he's in his bouncer or I try and "stand" him on the counter or table or whatever.  I did not want anything hard or stiff.  I would have liked something with Velcro.  Actually, I was looking at these from Zapos or these from Target.
Let me tell you, shoe shopping for an infant is even harder than for me!  I had ducked into WalMart last week *shudder* because it's right near work and I needed tissues and cough drops.  I checked and they had almost nothing as far as shoes and booties went, and well, I didn't like what they did have.  I looked at my Target last weekend when I was there to pick up some other things, and they had shoes similar to the ones I linked, but all in pinks and purples, or some sneakers similar to the ones I bought (not the Chucks), but only had them in size 3 or 4, which I knew was going to be too big.  Yesterday at lunch I went and ran quickly down to BabiesRUs.  Their shoe selection in the spring and summer had been great.  It was neat and well kept.  Yesterday, that was a different story.  It was very messy and hard to find anything.  They had some really cute ones in size zero that I would have loved, but Boo outgrew that size months ago.  I eventually found the two pair I got.  I figured if the 2's were too small, they could go back, but I'd hold on to the Chucks even if they were too big, because he'll grow into them.
Now, the trick will be getting Gak to put them on him.  Of course, the second trick will be keeping Boo from untieing them and then taking them off.  He got one untied yesterday, but didn't know what to do from there.  He really didn't seem to mind them.  That's good.  If he's anything like me, he'll refuse to wear them when he gets bigger.  Most of the time you'll either find me in bare feet, lightweight sandals or hiking boots.  Well, sneakers these days, but I'd rather have my boots.  Yes, that's opposite ends of the spectrum, either nothing or something heavy.  It's me, what do you expect?

Anyhow, the world continues to turn even as I was on my quest for baby shoes.  I can't begin to say how many shades of ticked I am about Prop 8 passing in California.  Not just because my cousin and her wife now have no idea where things stand for them legally.  (They'd had a domestic partnership but aren't sure if that got nullified with their marriage back in August or what happens now.)  I mean, what if something happens to Rae, what are Kami's legal rights as her partner?  It's so not fair that other people get to decide if Rae and Kami are allowed to marry.  It makes me livid.  Who am I to say if you love someone enough to be their life-long partner?  I've found mine.  They've found each other.  I've seen few loves as true as theirs.
Ok, I'm going to step off my soap box before I just totally tick myself off for the day.

We shall see how the world turns over the next several years.  These are exciting times we live in.  So many possibilities, so many chances for things to go wonderfully right or horribly wrong.  I just hope we're somewhere in the middle on that.  I'll take some downs if there are some ups to go with them.
When I think back over the first 5 months of my son's life, it's been an amazing world.  The Olympics were held in China, the Phillies won the World Series, we elected a black man to be President of the United States.... what other earth changing things will happen in his life time?  It's a scary thing to think about.

Anyhow, it's just about 6:30 and I need to hop in the shower and get dressed.  Here's to Fridays and weekends!

Peace to all and may you have shoes that fit and lives that are interesting.

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