Friday, November 14, 2008

5.5 Month Checkup

Today was Boo's 5.5 month checkup.  It went very well.
He's up to 16 lb 5 oz, almost a .5 lb gain from last month.  He's a whopping 26.5 inches, which is a .75 inch growth spurt from last month.  He's doing just fine; he's right at the 75% for height and just above 50% for weight.  He only got one shot this time, the second Polio dose.  He wasn't sure if he should cry or not with this one, as it is such a quick little shot.  Developmentally he's doing just fine.  He hasn't rolled over yet, but he does try.  He doesn't try all the time, but he does when he feels like it.  He can sit fairly well without assistance for short bits of time.  Mind you, his posture stinks as he has a hard time holding his trunk totally upright at the moment.  He'll get there.  He does try and "talk", even though he's quiet quite often.  He's just mellow and laid back and is engrossed in watching everything.  I'm not worried about him.  He's growing strong and well.  We can introduce him to fruits and veggies if we want, but he doesn't need them.  We can up the cereal to about 6 tablespoons a day.  He's currently eating a little less than 2 at a shot.  He'll eventually get there.  We'll start introducing him to fruits and veggies, just to start him learning about different tastes.  I don't care how much of these he eats at this point, I just want him to try.
Of course, I had to wake him from his nap to go to the doctor this morning.  He woke up about a half hour late, so he took his nap about a half hour late and didn't wake until I picked him up to put him in his car seat.  He also didn't want anything to do with eating or nursing when we got home.  He just wanted his nap.  He went down at just about 10:00 and Gak had to wake him at 11:30 to get ready for school.  He may or may not nap at school today, but that's OK.  We'll deal.  Tonight is bath night though, so that is usually fun.  We'll also try and get some cereal into him this evening.  Even if he doesn't need it, I'd like him to get at least a little practice each day eating solids.  I also have to remember to pick up one of those mesh feeder bag thingies.  They have them at Target, but I'm not sure I'm going to get them there... they're brightly colored, which is nice to look at, but I don't want Boo learning even this early that food needs to be technicolor.  What's wrong with naturally colored foods?  I mean, just look at sweet potatoes or the greens and reds of apple peels or berries or all the other wonderful foods out there.
Anyhow, I've got a meeting to get to.  I'm working on a post for this weekend, which will probably be TMI for many of you, but that's OK.  It's something that's been on my mind and I just need to share, or at least get it off my chest.
Peace to all and may your checkups go well.

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