Monday, July 02, 2007


Today is a Monday. It really feels like a Monday. (Although a Monday in early June, not July, the weather is FABULOUS!!)
Yesterday was a good, but lazy day for the most part. I got up at an almost human hour. Gak and I played around online for a couple of hours with friends and then around noon decided we needed to get errands and stuff done. We went to the Q-mart so he could get caught up on his comics and I could pick up some meats at Fredricks. Other than that, not much happened. I didn't even do laundry.
I had a Dr. appointment for my asthma this morning. It was rescheduled from last Monday. The card I had said 11 am. I go do laundry, run Gak to work and go to the Dr. Well, my appointment was actually for 9:30, not 11.
Luckily she had an opening at 9:30 on Friday.
I drive to the office, cranky and tired. (I looked at my calendar in the office and it does say 9:30, that card must have been from my appointment back in March.) I then realize as I'm about to pull into a spot that I forgot my badge.
Crap again.
Oh well, the receiving door is always open so I can get in. It's just yet another little grrr for the day. I talk to my boss about my upcoming KC trip. I still only have 2 people (actually only 1 according to my engineer friend...) and they're paid for in a new project, so it's not even new money. I then was tasked with finding out the info on this customer and the turnover package.
I did get my China visa in the mail while I was out last week. That was nice and fast. I am allowed one entry of up to 90 days between now and the end of September.
I pop out to grab lunch around 12:30 because I realize I hadn't eaten yet and my stomach was complaining quite loudly. Well, on my way back to the office Gak calls me.
It's about the lady whose car the air conditioner used as a landing zone.
If we pay for the damages, she's not going to file a claim with her insurance. If we don't, she'll file and then the insurance company will come after us for everything. Either way, it's over $800.00. I just don't have it. The savings is run dry and I've got other bills I've got to get out this week too.
Crap yet again.
I honestly don't know what to do. The lady shouldn't have to pay anything, it's not her fault she parked where she did when the AC decided it no longer wanted to live. I know we should take at least some responsibility, since we're the ones living there and we were the ones who got our friend to help put it back in the window. But the AC unit itself wasn't ours, it belonged to the landlady. Also, she's the one who put in the new windows which caused the units to be pulled in the first place. (And like I said before, I wasn't about to put holes into my landlady's brand new vinyl windows...) She also didn't say anything about putting the units back in or not nor calling her about it when we wanted to. We did what we thought was right at the time. (Now I think the two remaining units will withstand a nuclear blast...)
I really feel bad about complaining about my landlady. I shouldn't complain, I know, at least not in such a public place. She's a nice person. But she's getting to be more and more painful to deal with in business dealings.
It's almost always been when I've asked a question I get this look of "how dumb are you" to ask that. (I admit, the one about the doorbells might be qualified as dumb, but one just never knows... and they still don't work right, but I've given up the fight on that one.) We try and be good tenants. We don't trash the place. We pay our rent on time (or a day late at worst), or let her know if it'll be late due to pay cycles or whatever. We try and give her as little grief as possible, but we can't get anything out of her. For example, Gak gets a call late the week before last about something left on the door of the building by the gas company. Something about a safety inspection. From his tone, it sounded like he was supposed to have known about this and hadn't told her. Nope, news to us. Well, she expected us to set it up and deal with it, when all the gas infrastructure is in the basement and we can't even get to it. We don't have a gas stove in the apartment, only gas heat and hot water. So poor Gak ended up having to act as a middle man between the person who owns the building and the gas company. I'm sorry, but in my mind, that falls under the heading "building maintenance" and should be handled by the building owner.
Ok, I really didn't mean to turn this into a rant against my landlady or anything. It's just been a frustrating Monday and I needed to vent. Like I've said, I really do think my landlady is a good person, but not such a good landlady. I also know that if I'd actually done something about renters' insurance back a year ago, I wouldn't be in this situation. So yes, I'm mostly mad at myself, but I'm also cranky with some other people.
I hope the rest of you have better weeks. Peace to all and please, keep my Gram in your thoughts and prayers, she's having her surgery tomorrow.

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