Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Travel Gremlins

Aaargh. That's all I really have to say. This week was supposed to be a fairly easy week. So far, it's been more than a week and it's only Tuesday. I've been struck by travel gremlins!
Yesterday I was at work, trying to get organized for this trip. I get a call from Kat saying she'd been hit on her way home. In mom's van. No, Zoe wasn't with her. See, this was supposed to be an easy week for Kat, Zoe is visiting her PopPop, Mom's on vacation and so the house was going to be empty. Well, between that and the dog jumping off the sofa wrong and spraining her hip and knee and yesterday. This isn't going so well.
My week hasn't started off much better. Monday was a Monday. That's neither here nor there. Today Gak and I go out to breakfast before he takes me to the airport to catch my flight to CA. (Well, my flight is to Reno, but the site I'm going to is in CA.) I check in and there is a 2 hour delay on my flight. No big deal. I had a 4-hour layover in Atlanta, so it just means I'll spend time here and there instead of all there. Well, I get settled in to start a new project and talk to Gak. About a minute after I hang up the phone, they cancel my flight. So, now I head back through security and stand in line in the very warm ticket area. Well, they can't get me out today. Actually, they could if I could get myself up to Newark and get in to Reno at about 10 or 10:30. I would then have a 2 hour drive ahead of me. Nope, not going to happen. So, I've got a 6:25 am flight tomorrow and moved my training to Thursday. I had thought about moving it to next week so I could go to MD tomorrow, but I've got something scheduled already.
Luckily when I tried to call Kat, she'd just gotten home from the vet. She piled the dog back into the car and came to pick me up and got stuck in nasty traffic. After she picked me up, we swung by where the van is and got the stuff out of it. When we get back to my place, I realize I don't have keys (I don't usually travel with them...) and Kat only brought her car keys, not everything. So, we then head back to Gak's work to pick up the keys and come back here.
It looks like I'll be spending the night at Kat's and she'll take me into the airport in the morning. I really didn't want to have to make anyone get up that early to take me in, but Gak'll be out of town and if I take the car, he won't have transportation for the rest of the week. That doesn't really solve any problems now does it?
I called my travel people and was greeted with a snotty attitude because I didn't know what time I am getting into Reno tomorrow and they couldn't access my reservations with the airline because Delta changed them. I finally got that taken care of for the rental car and the one night's hotel. I called the other hotel about tonight, and that was easy. Now I'm on the line with Delta, because the guy who was being very nice and helpful rebooking tomorrow's flight, didn't change my return, so I'm supposed to come back early Thursday morning. That doesn't help me any. So, here I am on the phone with them and apparently the helpful guy didn't do something right so some of the information is missing. Oops. Hopefully it'll get straightened out soon.
So, I've been hit by the Summer Travel Gremlins. I'm really not thrilled by it. At least I'm home though.
Peace to all and may your travel gremlins be few and far between

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