Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Katchup Entry

I meant to post over the weekend, honestly I did. It was a good an interesting weekend, but I felt so drained and a bit out of sorts.
Friday was a good travel day, especially for a Friday, and a Friday the 13th at that! I had an easy connection in Atlanta and I made it to the Reno airport even though I think I was half asleep yet.
Because I was getting in Friday before 7pm or so, Kat picked me up. Well, we decided that Kat, me, Gak and Scott were going to go out to dinner at Red Robbin and then see the new Harry movie at the new movie theater. This was the first Gak and I had been over there. This is also the first Harry Potter movie that Kat or Scott had seen. Neither of them have read the books either. Scott was a bit confused in parts, but on the drive back we managed to fix that at least a bit. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. I think they did a pretty good job of condensing an approximately 1000 page book into a 3 hour movie. It was a bit choppy at parts and they did leave out some valuable information, but I'm sure they'll figure it out for the next movie.
The 7th, and final, book comes out Friday midnight. Gak and I won't be picking up our copies then. We'll be down in Maryland, helping Michelle move to Virginia. (This makes me really glad my trip this week was canceled. I would have been flying back Friday to go either straight down or down early Saturday... ewww.) Kat and Scott are coming to help as well, which will be nice. You can never have too many people helping to move. Scott almost mutinied when he found out it is a third floor we're moving her out of though.
I did hear back from my Utah people, so I'll be heading there next Wednedsay. I like Utah. I'll be staying in Orem, which is a nice place. I'll have another pretty drive down. I think I get in early enough Wednesday to actually take my time driving down. (Orem is about an hour or so from Salt Lake City, which is where I'm flying into.)
Saturday I was very lazy and didn't do much of anything. Well, other than play for a bit and read a good chunk of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I decided I should probably re-read it since I'll be getting the new one Tuesday. Sunday I wasn't very productive most of the day either. Gak and I did group up with a few of his new guildmates and our friends Syn and Charitee and help him finish getting this really cool cloak quest done. It was a bit of fun. I logged thinking I would get the laundry and some housework done, but instead, I picked up my book again. Oops. I did eventually get the laundry done.
Yesterday was a typical Monday. I was supposed to update, but I didn't. I was running around not being very productive, but that's OK. I'm here until next Wednesday. It's a good thing. We did go over to Kat's after Gak got done with work. It was Scott's birthday yesterday, so we went over for cake. It was a good, low-key evening.
Well, I'd best be getting back to work. I've got forms to fill in, paperwork to find and people to track down.
Peace to all and may your days be fun.

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