Monday, July 23, 2007

Movin' Right Along

Like I thought, this weekend was a bit hectic, but good.
Kat and Scott met us at Gak's work Friday evening and we all headed down to MD. It was a fairly uneventful drive for a change, and we got in by about 9:30. Michelle took us out and treated us to Rita's as a pre-thank you. (That and it was to make up for Gak and I not being able to get our books until tomorrow...) We did a few things around the apartment Friday evening, but mostly just crashed early so as we could get an early start in the morning.
Boy did we get an early start. Michelle was up and active well before 6. Gak was moving by 6, I made myself give up on sleep around 6:30 and rattled the cage of the other two. They joined us shortly thereafter. Scott and Michelle picked up the truck by 9, her dad and two youngest siblings joined us shortly after 10. by about 12:30 or so, we got the truck packed with everything that was going into storage. After a lunch at Chiburger Chiburger, we managed to get everything packed into the cars by about 3 or 3:30. (Lunch took forever, but we were trying to feed 8 people...)
I now remember why I dislike the Beltway, and 95 in general. It stinks. Especially if you can only go about 60-65 because you've got a box truck following you that has no idea where they're going. (This was Scott's first time driving the Beltway, feel for him...) It was a long drive from Bel Air to Reston, VA. Everyone made it there in one piece though, and nothing major got left behind. (Michelle will be going up this week to finish cleaning the place before turning it back over.) We unload the cars of everything that is staying with Michelle and all of us head over to the storage place to unload the truck. At this point we've added Eileen and her one son (Chris I think, but I might be wrong...) to the helping hands. We owe HUGE Thank Yous! to Kat. She packed both the truck and the storage unit with precision, speed and great efficiency. We also owe a huge Thank You to Scott for braving the Beltway in a box truck.
After unloading most people took off. Kat and Scott went with Eileen and Michelle to drop off the truck and then they were heading to Kat's brother's outside of Georgetown. Gak and I were invited to go along as well, but we decided it would be better for us to stay with Eileen and Michelle. I'll get to see Michael again, and I knew both Michelle and Eileen were looking forward to the visit.
Michelle, Eileen, Gak and I then decide that we have to do something about dinner. It's now just about 8pm. Well, one of the places that's closest to us is Leedo's Pizza. This is a family favorite with my mom and gram's side. I've only had it a few times, but it is very good. Of course, I had to call mom. (Yes, I'm evil.) I also called Gram. Unfortunately, my cell phone battery was almost dead, so I only got to say hi for about 3 minutes. I'll call her again tomorrow or Wednesday from Utah. That'll make her smile.
Yesterday was a fun day. After having 'breakfast' with Eileen at the diner around 11, Michelle, Gak and I head into DC. We decided to take the Metro, since it would be easier to find a parking spot, not to mention cheaper. Since it was a Sunday, it cost less than $5 each to go into DC and back. We traveled from the far west end of the Orange line all the way to L'Enfant.
This was the first time Gak's ever been into DC. We'd been meaning to go the last 3 years, but just haven't made it. Gak really wanted to go to the American History Museum, but they're closed right now for renovations or the like. There is, however, a small display set up in the Air and Space Museum. (Oh darn, my favorite one...) We went through the American History stuff and poked at a few other things. It was very crowded, so not as much fun as usual. We then headed next door to the American Indian Museum.
All I can say is wow.
It was under construction the last time I'd been down. It is a very beautiful building and looks very different from all the others. It was getting close to closing, so we didn't get to see a lot. Even though it was late in the day though, it was still pretty popular. Even with all the people, it had a very peaceful feel. (I somehow think the medicine circle that is on the 4th floor might have had something to do with that...) There were so many good things about this museum. It didn't just focus on "United States" tribes, but tribes from all of this hemisphere. It also didn't just focus on 'ancient' or 'historical' culture, but also highlighted today's cultures and events and lives. I wish we'd had more time, but this just means we have to go back. I don't think you could do this museum in a day anyhow, there is just soooo much information.
No, I don't have any pictures. I wasn't planning on being able to take the time to go into DC, or do anything really. I figured we'd be spending so much time moving and stuff that we would have to go into DC another time.
Gak and I left Eileen's around 7 and made it home around 11:15. It wouldn't have taken this long if I hadn't had to stop for gas, stop for food and run into construction just entering PA. For about 8 to 10 miles I'm guessing, they took 95 down from 3 lanes to 1. Not fun. At least we weren't going through when all the beach traffic was earlier in the day. I would not have been a happy camper at all.
Overall this was a good weekend. I'm tired, a bit bruised, but good. I truly hope Michelle can find a good career now and really be able to focus on moving forward. She's had a very rough 2006-2007 and it would be nice for it to get a little smoother from here on out.
Well, I'd best be getting back to work. I've got two trips almost back-to-back. I'll be in Utah Wednesday through Friday and then Florida Monday through Wednesday.
Peace to all and may you have good friends and good times.

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