Monday, July 30, 2007

First Day Florida

Subtitle: I really dislike Florida.... mostly...
I am in very southern Florida at the moment. Just barely mainland from the Keys. The flight out here wasn't too bad, although I should have eaten something in Charlotte. My flight there was delayed about 20 minutes I'm guessing (I didn't check my watch). This meant I didn't get into Miami airport until about 2. I'm hungry, but it can wait.
I have to say, I have an easier time getting onto the freeway from LAX than I did from Miami. That says something, because invariably I get turned around at least once leaving the Hertz lot at LAX. I also wasn't in a very "warm fuzzy feeling" part of town. Once I got onto the highways, I had to wade through traffic. I'm not sure what the first problem was, but the second was a spectacularly overturned pickup hauling an equally overturned RV trailer in the opposite lanes. It looked like everyone was OK, if shaken up, which is a good thing.
I check into my hotel. I agree with what the project engineer said about the place: it's OK. The room is clean, but run-down and smells a bit musty. At least the AC works. I've been pretty spoiled with some of the nice business type hotels I've been able to stay at, a 'vacation' hotel just doesn't work for me. (Although, I really enjoyed my hole-in-the-wall motel in California a few weeks ago. That had charm and overtones of fun family vacations. This is just run-down Florida...)
After checking the map, I decide to hold off on going to Biscayne park until Wednesday morning. (My flight home is at 2pm, which means I need to leave the area 11:30 or 12.) I decide instead to drive down to Key Largo (supposedly a half hour or so down Rt. 1) and see if I can find some beach and some food. Well, I didn't find much of either. At least not free public beaches. I found several clubs, resorts and parks that all had admissions fees. I used up the last of my cash paying the tolls on the way to the hotel. (I thought I had more in my wallet, but I guess not, I wish Mapquest would give you estimates on toll costs. Either that or rental car places would rent you the local version of EZPass. The PA one doesn't work in FLA... found that out in April.) I saw a few promising restaurants, but they were all pretty empty, and it was now after 5:00. I know that's a little early yet, but I tend to trust places that have busy parking lots. I end up down around mile marker 85 before I turn around. (I'm around marker 110 or something like that...) I end up eating at a Golden Corral and stuffing myself silly. (Hey, I'd had a pack of pretzels all day...)
Between having to pay just to look at the water and the fact that Florida is populated with people who cannot drive, I'm a little cranky. I truly hope tomorrow goes well. Like I think I've said earlier, this customer is a pain on a good day. At least I'm only about 10 minutes from the plant. The bad thing is, I've got to be there by 7am.
Pardon me for a moment.
Ok, I'm better now.
I may try again to find a place to watch the waves from tomorrow. If not, I'll explore what I can of the park on Wednesday morning. (I'm planing to make it a week of getting up early, just so I can hopefully have some beach time of some sort... Don't get me started that I haven't been able to make it to Delaware in 2 years and Mom was walking on the beach this morning. I can't complain really, she hasn't been in quite some time either.)
Well, I guess I should deal with the fact that the email inbox isn't getting any more empty the longer I write this. I hopefully will have some pictures to post later in the week, if the parks cooperate.
Have a good week and may the world not plot against you!

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Chelsea said...

I know, the tolls in FL are crazy.