Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday, Sunday....

Well, not much going on right now. I have to update my links bar, my good friend Ed just started his own blog to help us keep track of where he is.
Yesterday was a good day for the most part. When I got home Friday evening, for some reason neither computer was connecting and there weren't any lights on the router other than power and Internet. I was tired so I said I'd troubleshoot it in the morning.
Well, it was an easy problem. The router died. I guess it overheated or something, but it stopped working. And we haven't even had it a year yet. Stupid Lynksis, normally they make decent stuff.... Oh well. This gave me an excuse to shop though. After picking up Gak at work, we went down to Microcenter near my parents' house. I ended up picking up a wireless router because it was actually cheaper than a wired one! We also stopped and had dinner with my parents. That was a nice evening.
The install for the router went quite easily and we're both back up and running. Well, mostly. Gak somehow came down with a worm. He's rebooting every hour or so now, which is really annoying when we're playing. He's trying to fix it and I hope he does. We are looking at replacing his computer in a month or so. All he really needs is the computer itself, he's got a brand new monitor, speakers etc. We saw some yesterday that were a good deal so we'll probably head back there when we do go shopping.

I've had a realization this morning. I miss orienteering. I haven't been since March. One thing or another has been getting in my way. Today I could have gone, except for the fact that I overslept and there wasn't an event I really wanted to go. Then take the fact that we have friends coming over around 2. Unfortunately, Sunday is the only time most of us can get together, which is also when orienteering is. Maybe next weekend I'll be able to convince some people to go with me, since I won't be heading out to Kansas City. I really wish I could figure out how to both get together with my friends and go play in the woods more. Oh well. I'll figure something out.

Since it is now after noon and people will be over in an hour or so, I guess I should run through the shower and get dressed. It should be fun at any rate. Peace to all and may you find time for everything you enjoy.

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